@ODTUG 2nd ODI Experts Panel

Annual ODI Experts Panel of ODTUG will be placed tomorrow afternoon (for me night). We’ll try to answer all the questions about ODI 10G, 11G and 12c from the audiance. All the panelists are focused on ODI for different scopes. Continue reading

@ODTUG #KScope13 impressions

I know I am a bit late on writing my impressions about ODTUG KScope’13 held in New Orleans, LA, but later is better then nothing.

This was the best ODTUG conference that I have attended. Sessions were great, everywhere in Sheraton was crowded, lots of activity with full of new friends and networking opportunity. Board of Directors, speaker resources, maps, schedule builder and mobile applications (used both ios and android versions simultaneously without a problem), wi-fi connection and special events were fantastic, Sheraton New Orleans has been designed for this event.

But special thanks to RittmanMead for letting me go to this conference and supporting me.

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ODTUG-Ask the Experts Panel – ODI

For the first time – ever – ODTUG is organizing a virtual panel session. Thanks for Cameron Lackpour for inviting me for that kind of important job. Here are some facts and how to register to this wonderful virtual event.

If you want to see complete page of Cameron just click here or here.

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ODTUG Impressions

I have to admit that I didn’t expect such a great user group conference. It is really fun out here.

On Saturday, 25th June, we all come together in Reneissance SIP (actually, I was late) had something to eat and headed to Boys & Girls club. It was a pleasure for me to participate in this social networking event to help children to have better environment. I grab a sponge based brush (it was awful to paint with something sponge) and finished 4 doors.

Painted the first door.

But painting the doors completely in black may harm children to Gothic style lots of pierced and tatooed youngs. 🙂

Everybody participated in social event








After the event, I go to Long Beach Convention Center to see how it look likes. It is really huge building. After a small walk in the convention center (:-)), I registered the event and got the first picture of ODTUG memory. Continue reading