ODTUG Impressions

I have to admit that I didn’t expect such a great user group conference. It is really fun out here.

On Saturday, 25th June, we all come together in Reneissance SIP (actually, I was late) had something to eat and headed to Boys & Girls club. It was a pleasure for me to participate in this social networking event to help children to have better environment. I grab a sponge based brush (it was awful to paint with something sponge) and finished 4 doors.

Painted the first door.

But painting the doors completely in black may harm children to Gothic style lots of pierced and tatooed youngs. 🙂

Everybody participated in social event








After the event, I go to Long Beach Convention Center to see how it look likes. It is really huge building. After a small walk in the convention center (:-)), I registered the event and got the first picture of ODTUG memory.

Long Beach Convention Center
The sun is shining

On Sunday, 26th June, symposium sessions are started. Although conference sessions haven’t started yet, every symposium is so successful. And I’ve talked with some guys out here and they told me that “if this is not the start, I don’t know what to be expected till Thursday”.

Thomas Kyte was fascinating. I really admire him. He is a wonderful presenter. I haven’t seen him forgetting something, except faces he met. 🙂



Performing Arts Center
Database Guru Panel

On Monday, here we go. Conference is legally starting. 🙂

Everybody met in Long Beach Performance Arts Center and had a wonderful breakfast in the garden of Performance Art Center then joined to listen Joey Asher for the Keynote of the event.

Afterwards a great trio. A 90 minute “Database Guru Panel” including Cary Millsap, Steven Feuerstein and Tom Kyte. They were all wonderful.

And my time came at last.
A memory picture for my session as usual (I always do that).
I’ve attended lots of sessions that I listed below;
*  BI & EPM Track;
– Agile Data Warehousing with Exadata and OBIEE 11g by Stewart Bryson
– Autopsy of Your Dashboard by Jim Raper
– Beginner’s Guide to Oracle Data Integrator by Scot Martin
– Best Practices for BI Publisher by Mike Donohue
– Configure It Out – The Sequel by Edward Roske
– Convert WA to Answers Dashboards by Doug Burke
– Erasing the Lines Between OLAP and ROLAP for Your ERP Systems by Jamal Syed
– Mobility and OBIEE iPhones, iPads, Android, Oh My by Kevin McGinley
– OBIEE Answers Tips and Tricks by Scott Eaton
– Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Answers, Dashboards, Scorecard and Publisher New Features by Mark Rittman
– Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Architecture and Internals by Mark Rittman
– Oracle MapViewer and OBIEE 11g Integration1 by Vivek Jain
– Pushing the Envelope with ODI 2011 by David Allan
– Scripting the Management of Your Oracle BI System by Mike Durran
– Speed Up Your Data Warehouse with In-memory Processing by Jean-Pierre Dijcks
– US Army Enterprise Management Decision Support-An OBIEE Case Study by Manish Khera
– Use New BI Features in Excel 2010 with Oracle OLAP by Russel Tront
* Database Track;
– A Lot About Binding by Thomas Kyte
– Data Design for Developers-A Primer by Ron Cirsco
– Efficient PLSQL-Why and How to Use PLSQL to Its Greatest Effect by Thomas Kyte
– Explaining the Explain Plan-Interpreting Execution Plans for SQL Statements by Maria Colgan
– Is Your Performance Feedback Loop a Racetrack or a Noose by Dominic Delmolino
– Looping the Loop-Different Ways of Working with Recursive Structures by Paul Dorsey
– Managing Parallel Execution Without Tuning in 11g Release 2 by Jean-Pierre Dijcks
– Managing Transactions with Disappearing Indexes by Mark Farnham
– Managing Unstructured Data-Lobs, SecureFiles, BasicFiles by Michael Rosenblum
– My Case for Agile Methods1 by Cary Millsap
– Oracle 11g for Developers-What You Need to Know by John King
– Oracle Optimizer-Top Tips to Get Optimal SQL Execution All the Time by Maria Colgan
– Oracle Tuning for Developers by Michael Ault
– Performance Tuning 101-Top Tips for Oracle 11gR2 by Ben Prusinski
– Pipelined Table Functions by Patrick Barel
– Say Goodbye to Hard-Coding by Steven Feuerstein
– SQL Tuning, PLSQL Development and Unit Testing with Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 by Kris Rice
– Thinking Clearly About Performance-Unplugged by Cary Millsap
– Who’s Afraid of Analytic Functions by Alex Nuijten
– XML Indexing Strategies Choosing the Right Index for the Right Job by Marco Gralike
And Wednesday night… A great night… Everybody boarded to Queen Mary. Hugest ship I’ve ever boarded.
you may click on all the pics if you want to see bigger sizes 
Queen Mary from OutsideInside Queen Mary
Fireworks in Queen Mary
It was so fun having funny moments with dueling piano (guys were awesome) with Oracle (Maria Colgan, David Allan and the guy I forgot his name) and Rittman Mead (Stewart Bryson, Charles Elliot) team including Holger Friedrich. 

Night at Long Beach
And the last day, I’ve walked more than 4 hours in beach of Long Beach. It is really big.
That’s all for my impressions in Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) KScope 2011 conference which was held between 26th and 30th of June. I’ve spent a great week out there and thanks to all people who attended, presented, had a role in event.

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