#OTNEMEATour it’s a Wrap!

It was a tiring second half of May for me.
I made flights between Istanbul ➙ Helsinki ➙ Istanbul ➙ Baku ➙ Istanbul ➙ Ljubljana ➙ Istanbul ➙ Düsseldorf ➙ Istanbul.

Initial thanks goes to Björn Rost, organiser of OTN EMEA Tour. It is always pleasure to share the stage with these awesome Tour Speakers (including Heli Helskyaho, Julian Dontcheff, Rene Antunez, Frank Dernoncourt and others).

Huge thanks to Oracle ACE Program, who made this tour happen, they’re like a chef in the kitchen. You never see them, but their meal tastes delicious.

I prepared below posts for each leg with some highlights, click to read each post.

  • Helsinki, Harmony 17 : Thanks to Pasi Jaakkola for having me as the opening keynote speaker. That was my first time. Click for Helsinki OTN Tour page.
  • Baku: Special thanks to my brothers, Kamran Aghayev & Mahir Quluzade for the city tour, organisation and everything. How can I forget a university student coming to me (while having lunch) asking “can you please tell me what is DWH in 5 minutes, because I don’t have much time?”. Eventually, I felt flattered and embarrassed with the picture & selfie ceremony lasting about 30 minutes. I know that I am not a celebrity, but you guys made me believe of it. Click for Baku OTN Tour page.
  • Ljubljana: Awesome job Jure Bratina, dinner was amazing and the event was great. Click for Ljubljana OTN Tour page.
  • Madrid: I am so sorry not to make it, timing didn’t match. But, I definitely want to be there next time, you have my word, just let me know. Cheers to SPOUG guys. Click for Madrid OTN Tour page.
  • Düsseldorf, DOAG Datenbank 17: Thanks to Christian Trieb for having me. DOAG in short words, amazing organisation, amazing attendees, amazing discipline, amazing atmosphere with amazing meals (there were something to eat almost 24/7 😊). Click for Düsseldorf OTN Tour page.

Now, it is time to get back to work and prepare for the next conference.

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