OTech Magazine – Winter 2014 issue

I was invited to write an article by Douwe Pieter van den Bos before UKOUG Tech’13 conference (actually he got me from my session of UKOUG Tech’13, which I couldn’t attend) and agreed to write an article for OTech Magazine. This magazine is fully non-vendored, independent and free to download magazine which Oracle technology experts write on their expertise.

My article “Future is now, ODI12c” which about Oracle Data Integrator 12c on page 120. I have collated Oracle’s public ODI12c documentation and summarised the most important features with my previous ODI experience. Besides me, there are really valuable information of Oracle experts and lots for Oracle technology, so enjoy reading!

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ODTUG Webinar Invitation

On 23rd of July, I’m invited to ODTUG’s webinar. Please click below links to register the event or view the event details.

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Webinar details;

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Adding Variabled HINTS in ODI

As in my previous post I have described how to implement HINTS per interface. It is a little bit tricky because HINTS are stored in development “ODI interfaces” and scenario of the interface must be regenerated when a HINT is changed and completely in developers’ hands.

I have thought about it and found a way to let dba’s change HINTS by updating a parameter table for each interfaces’/procedures’ each step. Once your dba updates/inserts the desired row (per SQL statement for each Knowledge Module or ODI Procedure) and commit the record it is been executed in the next execution of that interface or procedure.

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ODI Alert Mechanism

Today, I have read an article about recommendation about not using red lines (ko) in ODI packages. I just want to explain how I manage alert mechanism in ODI.
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Adding Datatypes to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

As I’ve mentioned before ODI is a tool that can learn. And here is one of the proof. 🙂
There are many datatypes in various databases and each version may have new datatype, but your ETL tool should learn while talking with database with that datatype. I’ll try to explain how to add “bigint” datatype to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and “SDO_GEOMETRY” to Oracle. Continue reading

Changing ODI Repository Name

If you receive an error in ODI 10g like;
java.lang.Exception: Error during Session launching
at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpSession.remoteExecute
at com.sunopsis.dwg.cmd.DwgCommandBase.prepare(DwgCommandBase.java)

First check whether your agents are working and test connection to repositories. If everything ok, you might have changed your repository name recently. 🙂

When you export your work and master repository and import to another schema or database and whether you connect to your imported repository, you change your repository name in your first environment.

Correct order is first rename your Master Repository name, log off / log on and change your Work Repository name and check below fields in both your Master and Work Repositories in both environments.

Master Repository : SNP_REM_REP
Work Repository : SNP_LOC_REPW

REP_NAME column of MASTER_REP.SNP_REM_REP should be equal to REP_NAME column in WORK_REP.SNP_LOC_REPW.

You cannot see WORK_REP.SNP_LOC_REPW value in ODI Topology Manager and if you are changing your repository name you need to update value from database.