Adding Datatypes to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

As I’ve mentioned before ODI is a tool that can learn. And here is one of the proof. 🙂
There are many datatypes in various databases and each version may have new datatype, but your ETL tool should learn while talking with database with that datatype. I’ll try to explain how to add “bigint” datatype to Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and “SDO_GEOMETRY” to Oracle. Continue reading

New Oracle ACE Director

I already know that being an ACE Director has some responsibilities over community.
Thanks to Mr. Reiner Zimmerman, who nominated me to be an ACE Director and thanks to all committee members who made it real. I am proud to say that I am accepted as an ACE Director.

I’d like to give you some stats after my acceptance.

  • I am the 2nd Oracle Ace Director in Turkey, first one is my good old friend Husnu Sensoy.
  • I am the 97th ACE Director over all (as far as I count)
  • I am the 8th ACE Director in Business Intelligence expertise.

You can view my profile in ACE Directory Listing below or by clicking here.