#2MTT with @OTNArchBeat

I have recorded a short, really short, 2 Minute Tech Tip (#2MTT) with OTN Arch Beat last week and shared some information about ODI. Since, I was not well prepared, I had some slow downs, but it was good at the end. Have a look, hope you like it.

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My Presentation in Oracle Day Turkey 2014

I was one of the presenters in TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) stream in the afternoon sessions of Oracle Day Turkey 2014, which has been held in 11th November. As promised to the attendees (sorry for being late), you can find my presentation below. As usual principal, download is not allowed. 🙂

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#2MTT by @OTNArchBeat

During the Oracle Open World 2014, we have recorded a “2 Minute Tech Tip” video with OTNArchBeat (Bob Rhubart – Manager of OTN Architect Community). It was so early (around 8am) that we both were starving coffee, that we need to start 2-3 times. You can see my video below, but don’t forget that it was 8am in the morning and birds were still sleeping.

After the recording my session, Bob’s gone to grab a coffee and left the whole equipment with me. I didn’t let his IPad to go into sleep and I have taken the initiative and recorded some “pirate” sessions with Kevin and Glenn. It was very funny. I wonder when those pirate sessions will be published. 🙂

ODI-IKM Incremental Update (Updateless) v1

I have been thinking of creating a brand new Knowledge Module which will make an Incremental Update without using any UPDATE/DELETE SQL statements, only with inserts to increase performance. Initially, I was thinking that there should be a second integration table, but when I started scrawling to figure out flow diagram and how Knowledge Module works, I realized that there is no need for a second integration table.
If you are using Oracle database which your target table existing, this Knowledge Module can fit your needs. Let me try to explain how it works;

1. Drops and Creates I$ flow table (as usual)
2. Inserts the missing records (new records on source) to I$ flow table (if INSERT_NEW_ROWS option is set to true).
3. Inserts the matching records (existing records on source) to I$ flow table (if UPDATE_EXISTING_ROWS option is set to true).
4. Inserts the non-matching records (deleted records on source) to I$ flow table (if NOT_DELETE_NON_EXISTING_ROWS option is set to true).
5. Wrap them up and truncate & insert target table from flow table and drop flow table (if DELETE_TEMPORARY_OBJECTS option is set to true).
6. Analyze target (if ANALYZE_TARGET option is set to true). Continue reading

Using DBLink for Oracle to Oracle in ODI

DBLink is the one of the most powerful attributes, if it is needed to load data from one Oracle database to other Oracle database especially when you are doing extraction. If you want to use DBLink, that you already implemented in Topology as “Instance / DBLink (Data Server)”, in a Knowledge Module in Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), there are not fancy options. Continue reading

#OUGF14 Harmony by @ougf_ry

As some of you know, I will be attending to OUGF (Oracle User Group Finland) between 5-6th of June. Thanks to everybody who is in charge of paper selections especially Heli Helskyaho for the organization and Ann Sjökvist for the administration of the event. Continue reading

3rd Webinar for @LAOUC

Save the date for third webinar of LAOUC. I will be talking about EDQ&OGG&ODI on Exadata for Perfection (click for registration) for LAOUC (Latin America Oracle User Community) on this Thursday (2nd April  5PM (BRT) – 8PM GMT – 10pm (GMT +2)).

I will be talking highlights about the powerful applications of Oracle’s Enterprise Data Quality, Golden Gate, Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Exadata to produce a faster data warehouse preperation.

Join me for this webinar and let’s talk about the control ability of Oracle Data Integrator.

Webinar Presentation of LAOUC at 27th Feb

I wish to thank all the attendees who was there in my webinar yesterday. Recorded session will be available for the registrants (Francisco will be sharing the link), but in the meanwhile, I have uploaded my presentation to my SlideShare account.

You can either replay my presentation below or by clicking here.

@OTNArchBeat Podcast Volume 3

In association with Bob Rhubart, we have recorded a podcast with subject of Data Warehousing and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) with the following ODI experts. It was really a pleasure for me to organise this event and I enjoyed it a lot (although suffering connection problems during the interview). Continue reading