ODI SendMail

Here is a brief description how you can handle ODI Sendmail command. This command is quite useful to send mails on errors or success in flow.
First of all ODISendMail can be used in ODI packages by drag and drop under in Toolbox. Here is a short explanation;

REFRESH CUBE : A simple procedure that starts the cube refreshment job.
P_CHECK_CUBES : A scenario that checks whether cube is refreshed or not. Succeeds when cube refresh process finishes successfully.
V_CUBE_MAIL_BODY : Refreshes a variable to be used in mail’s body section. Includes a select statement for descriptive usage.
OdiSendMail 25 : This is the pain point. Sends the prepared mail. Properties are below;
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ODI Variables – General Know-How

  • Using a variable within a variable
    • If you want to use a ODI variable within a variable simply type variable name in refresh statement. Here is an exampls how you can do. Below SQL statement connects to MSSQL Server and returns if job (named “My_BI_Job”) succesfully finished or not in specific date . Variable #V_SYSDATE is a variable that is refreshed as SYSDATE from DUAL in Oracle database. If this doesn’t work try typing PROJECT_NAME after “#” sign. If you have multiples projects ODI confuses which project to get variable.

select count(1) from msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory
where step_id = 0
  and run_status = 1
  and job_id = (select job_id from msdb.dbo.sysjobs where name = ‘My_BI_Job’)
  and run_date = CAST(SUBSTRING(‘#V_SYSDATE’, 1,8) as integer)

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ODTUG KScope 11 Conference

I was called as a speaker in ODTUG (Oracle Development Tools User Group) Kaleidoscope 11 (KScope11) conference which will take place in 26-30 June 2011 in Long Beach California.
My session would take place 28th June 2011 between 15:00 and 16:00.

Thanks for everybody that supported me for this event.
Special thanks to Mr. Tonguc Yilmaz, he was the guy to make me send my abstract.

UKOUG Impressions

After a trouble journey to London – it seems all my international flights will have a problem, still 100% in statistics – me and my colleague Fuat reached to our hotel in Birmingham at 23:30 on Saturday 27th of November, 2010. As for sure, first thing to do should be investigating the first time visited city.

We’ve visited BullRing, High Street, New Street and other important streets and have done some shopping as well. It was very cold even pools or rivers are on ice. 🙂
We’ve investigated the route from our hotel to International Convention Centre (ICC).
It was 29th of November and conference was started. When we reached to ICC, there was a long line for the visitors. I’ve checked the exhibition hall as well.

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OOW2010 Evaluation

Oracle Open World
We’ve received a evaluation of our session that are listed below. Thanks for all suporters.

Session ID : S314484
Session Title : Turkcell transforms its business with ODI and Exadata
Session Attendance : 30

Overall Quality : 4.86
Session Abstract Match : 4.71
Session Material Quality : 4.86

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