@ODTUG #KScope13 impressions

I know I am a bit late on writing my impressions about ODTUG KScope’13 held in New Orleans, LA, but later is better then nothing.

This was the best ODTUG conference that I have attended. Sessions were great, everywhere in Sheraton was crowded, lots of activity with full of new friends and networking opportunity. Board of Directors, speaker resources, maps, schedule builder and mobile applications (used both ios and android versions simultaneously without a problem), wi-fi connection and special events were fantastic, Sheraton New Orleans has been designed for this event.

But special thanks to RittmanMead for letting me go to this conference and supporting me.

As I have reached the hotel, it was the first thing for me to take some pictures of the great Mississippi River.

my room view in the morning  my room view in the evening

Here are the list of the sessions that I have attended in chronological order;

  • 24th June – Monday
    • Oracle BI Applications 11G with ODI : What You Need to Know (Kevin McGinley – Accenture)
    • Optimizer Hints : Top Tips for Understanding and Using Them (Maria Colgan – Oracle)
    • High Performance PL/SQL (Steven Feuerstein – Dell)
    • What? You’re Still Not Using Groovy? (David Schleis – Wisconsin State Laboratory)
    • General Session and Keynote (Doc Hendley)
    • BI Mad-Dash-Boards
    • Hyperion/EPM Open Mic Night
  • 25th June – Tuesday
    • Best Practices with Oracle Data Integrator : Flexibility (Gurcan Orhan) → hey, this is my session
    • BI Panel (Kent Graziano, Gurcan Orhan, Mark Rittman, Dan Vlamis)  → to me, panel was great. Mark did a great moderation, we learnt that Oracle Database 12C is out during the panel.
    • Top Ten Cool Features ın Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (Kent Graziano – Data Warrior)
    • Walking Photo Tour (Warren Capps) → more than 70 people were on the street, taking pictures like a troop of soldiers, we were everywhere
  • 26th June – Wednesday
    • Tom’s Twelve Things About the Latest Generation of Database Technology (Tom Kyte – Oracle)
    • The 80’s Called, They Want Their Command Line Interface Back (Jeff Smith – Oracle)
    • Oracle Optimizer : An Insider’s View on How it Works (Maria Colgan – Oracle)
    • Big Data Analytics : Integrating Hadoop with OBI Using ODI Adapters (Alex Shlepakov – Accenture)
    • Special Event – Mardi Gras World
  • 27th June – Thursday
    • Exadata and the Optimizer (Maria Colgan – Oracle)
    • Introduction to Regular Expressions in Oracle (Galo Balda – Texas HHSC)

As a standard of mine, you can download my presentation by clicking here.

Now it is time to take a look at some pictures that I have taken during sessions, walking and/or walking photo tour. Click pictures to enlarge in new window.

General session was incredibly crowded.
OracleNerd crew next to Chet Justice.
A view from my session. Thanks for the attendees.
BI Panel with Kent, Dan, me and Mark.
Getting ready for Walking Photo Tour with Warren Capps.
Took a picture of mine while walking. Don’t have any idea about I was about to get attacked. 🙂
Everybody taking pictures, but I prefer take their. 🙂
House of Blues. I need to have a flat there.

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