OTN Latin America Tour 2014

Wooohooo… All my papers are accepted to OTN TOUR LAD 2014 (North America leg). I have filled out the permission form and if approved I will be speaking below events. It’s an honor to be accepted to this unique organization and proud of selected first Turkish Oracle Engineer ever.

Details of the event can be found here (Spanish). It will be great to meet with other ACE/ACED speakers as well as Oracle technologists of Latin America.

4th August : Panama, Panama
6th August : San Jose, Costa Rica
8th August : Mexico City, Mexico
11th August : Guatemala, Guatemala
13rd August : San Salvador, El Salvador
15-16th August : Bogota, Colombia
18-19th August : Quito, Ecuador Continue reading

#OUGF14 Harmony Impressions

Actually my journey to Helsinki, Finland not started well. I have to leave my Zippo lighter’s inside at the German security, because I had a stop over at the Munich airport. And I starved for lighter in Helsinki, few people are smoking, nearly none of the shops are selling lighters and I was to camping next day. Luckily hotel’s matches helped me a lot, except begging 3 matches each time I go in the hotel.

Rest…? Rest of the trip and event was great.! As my friends Heli Helskyaho, Philippe Fierens, Jan Karremans, Lucas Jellema, Alex Nuijten and Brendan Tierney wrote their impressions (all are wonderful).

First credits goes to Heli Helskyaho & Ann Sjökvist for organising such a great event and accepting me as a speaker. Second credit goes to Oracle ACE Program (Vikki and Lillian), they are the one who were in charge that I was there (sponsorship of ACE Director budget). Finally, last credits goes to all speakers and attendees. This event cannot be without you. Continue reading

OUGF Harmony 2014, #OUGF14

Initially I would like to thank Heli and Ann very very much for such a good organized event for Finland Oracle User Group.

You should be sorry if you missed this event because it rocked in every tent and/or session.

I plan to write my impressions (hopefully later today) and want to share my experiences about #OUGF14. So, enough clues for now. 🙂


I am Finnish and this is the end.

The OUGF Harmony 2014 has ended. Sad:( It was such a fun event. I already miss all our great speakers and attendees….

We started on Wednesday with the speakers’ dinner in a Viking restaurant Harald. There was plenty of food and plenty of drinks….and plenty of VIKINGS….



The conference officially started on Thursday morning. A bus was waiting for speakers and attendees in the centre if Helsinki to drive them to the Finnish forest. The conference venue was a venue called Haltia in a middle of a nature park called Nuuksio.

The content of the conference was amazing! We had THE C.J. Date explaining temporal data…


An so many other excellent speakers. The audience was really listening…


The speaker of the first day was voted to be James Morle with his excellent keynote presentation. I am very sorry if you missed it:(…

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