Installing ODI to Windows 7

If you receive a error message saying “this operating system is not supported” follow below operations.

Since Windows 7 is released as version 6.1, previous versions of ODI supports up to 6.0 depending on the version that you want to install. What you have to do to install ODI on Windows 7 platform is so simple.

  1. Find the file named, oraparam.ini in the ODI setup directory (default is \\InstallPath\ODI\setup\Windows\Disk1\install).
  2. Edit oraparam.ini and find the header [Certified Versions] or value named “CERTIFIED_VERSION_FAILURE_MESSAGE”.
  3. Add 6.1 next to 6.0 with comma without any space or other character. It should seem like that;


You can now run setup without asking version failure and follow on screen instructions.