After the great #OGhTech17 Conference

It was a long day again (woke up at 3:30am in the morning) to my 7:05 flight to Shiphol Airport. Then took train to Amersfoort. Luckily, the hotel I found was still there with my door card in the reception (this means no early check-in). I get in the elevator, but what? I need to keep my finger on the floor (mine was only 2) to get it moving and snails will go to 2nd floor faster even using the stairs. I still wonder why there is an emergency button, where you need to leave your finger from the floor button to press emergency button. I believe it is there because of regulation. 🙂

After I left my bags, I get out to see the wonderful city. It is small but historic with full of peace. No traffic jams because there were really less cars. Almost everybody is using bicycles even the kids over 3 years old. Here are some pictures during my city tour.

Amersfoort City Tour
Amersfoort City Tour – The Tower

The tower is seen by everywhere, from nearly 57% of Amersfoort. This is a historic and quiet city with all green and many canals (this is so usual in Netherlands).

I saw a leg on the road and had a selfie (just like a huge monument in the background), but it was only the leg. Then, with some of the international speakers, we had a pre-speakers drinks in the city square with Jan Karremans, Sandra Flores, Pieter V. Puymbroeck, Philippe Fierens, Maria Colgan, Piet de Visser, Brendan Tierney, Richard Olrichs, Lothar Flatz, Erik Van Roon and Daphne Broedersz. I ordered a bit late and Pieter tried to have fun of me when I was just showing off the shish (see the picture below) and ended up with a “Zombie Speaker” story for tomorrow’s event.

Speakers Dinner
An Unowned Leg on the Road

I walked a bit to the conference venue, whose name is De Rijtuigenloods, which is originally a train hangar with different types of wagons in the hangar. Concept was really good, everywhere is easy to find and, of course, great line up of speakers with many local sponsors.

One of my talks happened in the red wagon, narrow and long with multiple LCD screens on top, which is shown upper left on the below photo.

#OGhTech17 Conference

My pizza session has the bad luck as usual once again. It was the last session of the day, and once again, I am sorry for the attendees to tell them how to make pizza with Oracle products. 😊

The sessions that I attended are as follows;

  • Keynote Speech: Oracle Database 12c and DevOps by Maria Colgan
  • Is Oracle the best language in Statistics by Brendan Tierney
  • Explaining the Explain Plan – Interpreting Execution Plans for SQL Statements by Maria Colgan
  • SQL Magic! Tricks to Show SQL Features You’ve Probably Never Used by Chris Saxon
  • SQL Tuning Mystery: Anatomy of a SQL Statement by Lothar Flatz
  • Friday Keynote: How I stop worrying and Love the Cloud by Duncan Mills
  • Introduction in Big Data Cloud Service & Use Case by Daan Bakboord and Marco Klaassens
  • Comparing PostreSQL to Oracle by Jan Karremans
  • Parallel Execution in Database 12c by Ivica Arsov

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