Oracle Open World Session

I have received a speaker invitation for Oracle Open World 2012 and surely accepted it. Here is my session details which I will share it with Julien Testut (Product Manager of ODI);

Session ID: CON8688
Session Title: Customer Perspectives: Oracle Data Integrator

I have checked out the Session List and Speaker List and made some nice to join schedule. I hope these sessions would not overlap and I need to choose one of them.

Alok Pareek & Irem Radzik : CON9290 – Future Strategy, Direction, and Roadmap of Oracle’s Data Integration Platform
Alexander Kotopoulis & Christophe Dupupet : CON8874 – Accelerate Oracle Data Integrator with Advanced Features, SOA, Groovy, SDK, and XML
Christophe Dupupet : CON6614 – Real-Time Data Integration with Oracle Data Integrator at Raymond James
Denis Gray & Julien Testut : CON8652 – Next-Generation Data Integration on Oracle Exadata
Denis Gray : CON8650 – Oracle Data Integrator Product Update and Future Strategy
Dain Hansen & Howard Beader : CON9632 – Best Practices for Powering an Integrated Customer Experience Solution
Mala Narasimharajan & Michael Eisterer : CON8655 – Tackling Big Data Analytics with Oracle Data Integrator
Mark Farnham : CON6472 – An Alternative to Star Transformations: Spiny Starfish
Ami Aharonovich : CON8071 – Explore Oracle Database 11g Best Practices and Guidelines for Writing and Tuning SQL Statements
Mark Rittman : CON2643 – Developing Search/Analytic BI Applications with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
Jonathan Lewis : CON2803 – The Evolution of Histograms in Oracle Database
Orhan Karaman : CON8435 – Customer Panel: Oracle Exadata Data Protection Best Practices
Reiner Zimmermann : CON8418 – Data Warehouse and Big Data Customers’ View of the Future
Jean-Pierre Dijcks & Gerard Laker & Martin Gubar & Kuassi Mensah : HOL9990 – In-Database MapReduce and Scalable Data Manipulation
Jean-Pierre Dijcks & David Segleau & Melliyal Annamalai : BOF9877 – Oracle’s Big Data Solutions: NoSQL, Connectors, R, and Appliance Technologies
Maria Colgan : CON8457 – Oracle Database Optimizer: An Insider’s View of How the Optimizer Works
Maria Colgan : CON8455 – Oracle Database Optimizer: Harnessing the Power of Optimizer Hints
Thomas Kyte : CON8429 – Tom’s Top 12 Things About the Latest Generation of Database Technology
Thomas Kyte & Andrew Holdsworth & Graham Wood : CON8405 – A Day in the Life of a Real-World Performance Engineer: Part 2 (Part 1 was great)
Thomas Kyte : CON8432 – Five SQL and PL/SQL Things in the Latest Generation of Database Technology

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