OTN Yathra Tour – Pune

This is my first Saturday conference here in OTN Yathra Tour. The tours or the conferences I attended, generally starts either Sunday or weekdays. Let’s see how it went.

Conference started in awful position, because the alarm that I’m using was the alarm that I use for waking up to office and do not screams on weekends. And I woke up at 9:22am.!! My session is at 10:00am. I immediately called Psy (organisator of conference) and there were no response. It was because he was in his keynote session. I went down to lobby and get in the hotel cab. And reached Oracle office at 10:30am. There were some people which wanted attend my session, but Psy let them to different sessions. This was my first time – ever – to miss a session. But luckily, there were some empty rooms that I had 3rd track, which I called “Pirate Session”. And I gave my session at 11:00am. #SavedTheDay

We had a great dinner with some of my offshore friends and it was really great to meet them, since we always talk via phone or Lync.

You can check the pictures of Pune which AIOUG posted in Google +.

OTN Yathra Tour - Pune - 05
Oracle Office in Pune
OTN Yathra Tour - Pune - 06
My “Pirate” session






OTN Yathra Tour - Pune - 08
Smoking room for Oracle Employees
OTN Yathra Tour - Pune - 07
Smoking room for Oracle Employees – Outside








OTN Yathra Tour - Pune - 09
Dinner with some of my offshore team
OTN Yathra Tour - Pune - 10
Interesting fork in the dinner (used to get out vegetables from barbecue shish)








OTN Yathra Tour - Pune - 11
Analog information board – seeing this first time!



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