OTN Yathra Tour – Hyderabad

Next stop was Hyderabad. After missing Gustavo in Pune leg, I saw him again in Hyderabad. I expected to see Glenn Schwartzberg, but unluckily he couldn’t make this conference, I missed you a lot there Glenn. Especially, to explore the cities we’re in and I really needed your guidance to food & dishes. Hope to see you somewhere in sometime soon.

After landing in the evening, I noticed that, even the moon is not usual for me. I thought this is why Indian people are thinking that they are all forward and the rest of the world are backward (opposite).

We went to Tech Mahindra this time and it was great organised. Because our being foreign, we had a guide for the whole day and whenever we needed something, she made it happen. Thank you very much again.

Conference started in an unusual way and after the opening session of Tech Mahindra’s CEO, we went to stage and lit candles, they lit all day long. 🙂

You can check the pictures of Hyderabad which AIOUG posted in Google+ and mine important ones are below.

OTN Yathra Tour - Hyderabad - 12
Moon in unusual shine
OTN Yathra Tour - Hyderabad - 13
Lit the candle to start the event. #Olympics











OTN Yathra Tour - Hyderabad - 14
Session time. Photo credits to Gustavo
OTN Yathra Tour - Hyderabad - 15
End of the conference, with the speakers & guides



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