OTN Yathra Tour – Mumbai

It became a habit (I guess) that I started to write post the event(s). And I’ve missed to blog about some events (still on my mind — LA OTN Tour and Oracle Open World 2015), maybe I’ll write later, but now, should concentrate on my near events.

This was my second OTN Tour, but my first OTN Yathra Tour. Since I work with an Indian Company (Wipro), I thought it would be nice to visit India and meet with the Oracle Community around there.

Because of heavy show conditions in Turkey, I landed Mumbai Airport in the early morning (6:00am – supposed to land at 5:00am) and picked up by hotel driver. Hotel was close to airport but it took half an hour to go there (fact of Indian traffic). I met with Gustavo Gonzalez at the breakfast and after the breakfast we went to see city a bit. We didn’t like the first place we went, then hired a tuk-tuk to go to a better shopping mall, which my offshore friends suggested.

OTN Yathra Tour - Mumbai - Me and Tuk-Tuk
Me with the Tuk-Tuk

By the way, it is wonderful to use mobile phone and roaming internet, since I have the signals of Vodafone (corporate mobile). 🙂

We had a pleasant day at the Oracle Office. Since conference was in training rooms, having coffee and tea was forbidden in the session rooms. Sessions was good. We had good number of attendees, but people generally comes to sessions late, very late.

Both tea and coffee is all prepared (with milk, sugar and all). Sometimes it got me hard to drink because of heavy sugar. Lunch was average, although AIOUG board their best. I’m sorry I don’t like spicy food and cannot stand hot. If you like vegetarian food and hot & spicy, India is heaven for you, else, you’re at the edge of hell.

OTN Yathra Tour - Mumbai - Session Start
Starting of OTN Yathra Tour for me
OTN Yathra Tour - Mumbai - Session End
Post session with attendees
OTN Yathra Tour - Mumbai - End of Day
At the end of the day

In case you want to complete gallery from AIOUG, just click AIOUG Google Plus.

Mumbai is done, next stop is Pune.



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