OTN Yathra Tour – Bangalore

Bangalore was the last stop for me. We had a great time in Bangalore, especially with two guys where they called themselves as “fan of me”. I didn’t know – up to then – that I had fans. One of them (Bhabaniranjan) is working in Oracle and he got in touch with me when I was in Hyderabad (via GTalk) and he said that he couldn’t get permission to attend all my tour. It makes you feel honoured when you have people saying those. I nearly spent all day with them, talking about Oracle Data Integrator and tried to share my experiences with these young ODI developers. They were all sitting at the front in my sessions, asking questions and listening carefully. 🙂

You can check the pictures of Hyderabad which AIOUG posted in Google+ and mine important ones are below.

OTN Yathra Tour - Bangalore - 16
Listening “carefully” at the conference. 🙂
OTN Yathra Tour - Bangalore - 17
Session time









OTN Yathra Tour - Bangalore - 18
Chatting with AIOUG board members
OTN Yathra Tour - Bangalore - 19
Airport time. Take me to home.!!



6 thoughts on “OTN Yathra Tour – Bangalore

    • My pleasure to meet you Bhabani. Hope to see you again and discuss about Oracle Data Integrator and/or Data Warehousing.


  1. Hi Gurcan,

    There is another fan of yours .
    This time having nice feeling to read your blog about your experience in India.. Didn’t know about your tour else tried to attend your session also.
    When are you planning to come again.


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