#2MTT by @OTNArchBeat

During the Oracle Open World 2015, Bob Rhubart (OTNArchBeat) recorded me a #2MTT (2 minute tech tip) and I talked about the “secret sauce” how to migrate from OWB (Oracle Warehouse Builder) to ODI (Oracle Data Integrator). To see the slides click my SlideShare account.

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#2MTT with @OTNArchBeat

I have recorded a short, really short, 2 Minute Tech Tip (#2MTT) with OTN Arch Beat last week and shared some information about ODI. Since, I was not well prepared, I had some slow downs, but it was good at the end. Have a look, hope you like it.

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#2MTT by @OTNArchBeat

During the Oracle Open World 2014, we have recorded a “2 Minute Tech Tip” video with OTNArchBeat (Bob Rhubart – Manager of OTN Architect Community). It was so early (around 8am) that we both were starving coffee, that we need to start 2-3 times. You can see my video below, but don’t forget that it was 8am in the morning and birds were still sleeping.

After the recording my session, Bob’s gone to grab a coffee and left the whole equipment with me. I didn’t let his IPad to go into sleep and I have taken the initiative and recorded some “pirate” sessions with Kevin and Glenn. It was very funny. I wonder when those pirate sessions will be published. 🙂