#OUGN18 by OUGNorway is approaching

It is “now” time to post about upcoming OUGN 2018 Vårseminar. Since all 3 of my presentations are ready, all logistics are ready and the other stuff are ready (feeling relaxed).

This will be my second time on the boat. You didn’t misread this or I didn’t mistype, yes the boat! @OUGN performs their conferences on a boat which departs from Oslo to Kiel and returns back to Oslo and here’s how the boat looks like. Continue reading


@OUGN Impressions

It became usual for me to write post blog posts long after the events. Shame on me, I need to be more careful.
It all started bad but continued and ended as much great as can be. I had my last tweets at the aircraft until I heard captain saying that “we have a valve problem and trying to sort it out”. After restarting the aircraft for a couple of times, we again heard his announce saying “we’re changing the aircraft”. That was great.! Headed back to airport and waited for new aircraft to be ready and after a delay of 2 hours and 10 minutes, we were on the way to Oslo.

About to land to Oslo, looks still snowy

But no, it wasn’t the first disaster that happens to me. I saw Jan Karremans and we waited for Luis Marques at the airport (of course see good friends upon landing is not the disaster 🙂 ), then we headed to train and headed to Oslo city center. Train was amazing with WiFi and electric sockets near the seats.
We started walking to our hotels (it looked like our hotels were nearby) and I hit the rock again. I found the one of the six of Radisson Blu Hotels, where my reservation was not there and need to go back all the way to central station. So I took bus to get my Radisson Blu Plaza back. 🙂 Continue reading