2014 in review

I know I couldn’t write¬†much, but big thanks to everyone who visited my blog last year.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 25,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

My Presentation in Oracle Day Turkey 2014

I was one of the presenters in TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) stream in the afternoon sessions of Oracle Day Turkey 2014, which has been held in 11th November. As promised to the attendees (sorry for being late), you can find my presentation below. As usual principal, download is not allowed. ūüôā

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#2MTT by @OTNArchBeat

During the Oracle Open World 2014, we have recorded a “2 Minute Tech Tip” video with OTNArchBeat (Bob Rhubart – Manager of OTN Architect Community). It was so early (around 8am) that we both were starving coffee, that we need to start 2-3 times. You can see my video below, but don’t forget that it was 8am in the morning and birds were¬†still sleeping.

After the recording my session,¬†Bob’s gone to grab a coffee and left the whole equipment with me. I didn’t let his IPad to go into sleep and I have taken the initiative and recorded some “pirate” sessions with Kevin and Glenn. It was very funny. I wonder when those pirate sessions will be published. ūüôā

#OOW14 Sessions & Interests & Social

Here we go for another Oracle Open World. Lots of work to do before attending the conference. This year, I have a tight schedule than before. I have 2 sessions listed before and a podcast session with Bob Rhubart, and many sessions and social activities that I have picked or invited. I’ll be glad if I can make half of those. ūüôā

Here are my sessions to speak for this year’s Oracle Open World.

Here is the session list that I would like to attend.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Session Title Presenter Time Venue
UGF9211 Using Oracle Diagnostics Pack and Oracle Tuning
Pack Through Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
Eric Siglin 8:00 AM-8:45 AM Moscone South-306
UGF2861 What Are They Thinking?
With Oracle Application Express and Oracle Data Miner
Roel Hartman
Brendan Tierney
9:00 AM-9:45 AM Moscone South-304
SIG8709 Beyond Data Integration with Oracle Data Integrator
12c and Oracle GoldenGate 12c
Edelweiss Kammermann 10:00 AM-10:45 AM Moscone South-250
UGF3100 Oracle Database 12c for
Alex Nuijten 11:00 AM-11:45 AM Moscone South-301
UGF9128 Regular Expressions 101 Danny Bryant 12:00 PM-12:45 PM Moscone South-301
UGF4482 Getting Started with SQL
Pattern Matching in Oracle Database 12c
Galo Balda 1:30 PM-2:15 PM Moscone South-301
UGF8949 12 Looks at Oracle Database 12c: EOUC Short Talks Ralf Koelling
Debra Lilley
Jonathan Lewis
Christian Antognini
Osama Mustafa
Gurcan Orhan
Alex Nuijten
2:30 PM-3:15 PM Moscone South-304
UGF9221 12 Looks at Oracle
Database 12c: EOUC Short Talks, Part 2
Milena Gerova
Debra Lilley
Oded Raz
Tim Hall
Ami Aharonovich
Kashif Manzoor
Julian Dontcheff
Bjoern Rost
Dimitry Volkov
3:30 PM-4:15 PM Moscone South-304

Monday, 29 September 2014

Session Title Presenter Time Venue
CON4058 The Time Is Now: Migrating from Oracle Warehouse
Builder to Oracle Data Integrator 12c
Stewart Bryson 10:15 AM Р11:00 AM  Moscone South Р236
CON2379 How to Use Oracle
Database 12c Partitioning Features for Your Data Warehouse
Michelle Kolbe 11:45 AM Р12:30 PM  Moscone North Р131
CON7755 Oracle Database 12c and the Future of Data
Warehousing in the Era of Big Data
Neil Mendelson
George Lumpkin
1:30 PM Р2:15 PM  Moscone South Р303
CON7717 Oracle GoldenGate 12c New
Features and Options Product Update
Sai Sundar
Janardh Bantupalli
Chai Pydimukkala
2:45 PM Р3:30 PM  Moscone South Р302
CON7899 Oracle Data Integrator: Product Update and Future
Nassib Chamoun
Denis Gray
4:00 PM Р4:45 PM  Moscone South Р270
CON7813 Roadmap for Oracle
Utilities Analytics Solutions
Glenn Pritchard
Andreas Ruhl
Grace Park Bradbury
5:30 PM Р6:15 PM  Marriott Marquis РGolden Gate C1/C2
CON9027 YesSQL! A Celebration of SQL and PL/SQL Steven Feuerstein
Thomas Kyte
6:30 PM Р8:00 PM  Moscone South Р103

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Session Title Presenter Time Venue
CON7733 What’s Next for Oracle Business Intelligence
Applications? A Sneak Peek at the Roadmap
Jack Berkowitz 10:45 AM Р11:30 AM  Moscone West Р3014
CON8221 Real-World Performance of
Star and Snowflake Schemas, Part 1: The Theory
Michael Hallas
Andrew Holdsworth
John Clarke
12:00 PM Р12:45 PM  Moscone South Р102
HOL9439 Oracle Data Integrator 12c New Features Deep Dive Denis Gray
Julien Testut
Christophe Dupupet
Alexander Kotopoulis
3:45 PM Р4:45 PM  Hotel Nikko РNikko
Ballroom III
CON7920 Making the Move from
Oracle Warehouse Builder to Oracle Data Integrator
Holger Friedrich
Madhu Nair
Julien Testut
5:00 PM Р5:45 PM  Moscone South Р236
BOF9597 Oracle GoldenGate Users Birds-of-a-Feather Meeting Daniel Morgan
Luke Davies
Irem Radzik
6:00 PM Р6:45 PM  Moscone South Р301

Wednesday, 01 October 2014

Session Title Presenter Time Venue
CON8139 Database Time-Based Performance Tuning: From Theory
to Practice
Graham Wood 10:15 AM Р11:00 AM  Moscone South Р104
CON8222 Real-World Performance of
Star and Snowflake Schemas, Part 2: The Reality
Michael Hallas 11:30 AM Р12:15 PM  Moscone South Р102
CON7650 If You Think Partitioning Is Only for Performance,
Think Again
Matthias Fuchs
Hermann Baer
12:45 PM Р1:30 PM  Moscone South Р103
CON3811 Oracle Analytics and Big
Data: Unleash the Value
Gary Young
2:00 PM Р2:45 PM  Intercontinental РTelegraph Hill
CON3300 WebAction’s Data Center Application Together with
Oracle NoSQL Database
Alok Pareek
Ben Chang
PM – 4:15 PM
 Moscone South Р305
CON7922 Tame Big Data with Oracle
Data Integration
Michael Rainey
Paul Stracke
Alexander Kotopoulis
4:45 PM Р5:30 PM  Moscone West Р3022

Thursday, 02 October 2014

Session Title Presenter Time Venue
CON7926 Oracle Data Integration: A Crucial Ingredient for
Cloud Integration
Sumit Sarkar
Julien Testut
Denis Gray
AM – 10:15 AM
 Moscone South Р270
CON7923 Oracle Data Integration
and Metadata Management for the Seamless Enterprise
Denis Gray
Ayush Ganeriwal
10:45 AM Р11:30 AM  Moscone South Р302
CON4493 Regular Expressions in Oracle Database 101 Galo Balda 1:15
PM – 2:00 PM
 Moscone South Р303
CON7921 Insight into Action:
Business Intelligence Applications and Oracle Data Integrator
Gurcan Orhan
Jayant Mahto
2:30 PM Р3:15 PM   Moscone South Р270

And my interests (these sessions are listed here because of conflicts) are as follows;

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Session Title Presenter Time Venue
UGF4235 The Best Oracle Database 12c Tuning Features Rich Niemiec  1:30 PM Р2:15
 Moscone South Р309
UGF3587 Scaling to Infinity:
Partitioning Data Warehouses in Oracle Database
Tim Gorman  10:00 AM Р10:45 AM  Moscone South Р301
UGF7945 Experiences with SQL Plan Baselines in Production Nelson Calero  12:00 PM Р12:45
 Moscone South Р250
UGF6257 Oracle Database 11g and
12c New Features and Best Practices for DBAs and Developers
Ami Aharonovich  12:00 PM Р12:45 PM  Moscone South Р304
UGF2244 Oracle Database 12c Features for Developers Connor McDonald  2:30 PM Р3:15
 Moscone South Р303
UGF9227 Data Visualization for
Oracle Business Intelligence 11g
Tim Vlamis

Dan Vlamis

 2:30 PM Р3:15 PM  Moscone South Р308
UGF9481 Deep Dive into Big Data ETL with Oracle Data
Integrator 12c and Oracle Big Data Connectors
Mark Rittman  3:30 PM Р4:15
 Moscone South Р103
UGF4491 Big Data Analytics for
the Industrial Internet of Things
Shyam Varan Nath  3:30 PM Р4:15 PM  Moscone South Р308
UGF9217 How Many Ways Can I Monitor Oracle GoldenGate? Bobby Curtis  3:30 PM Р4:15
 Moscone South Р309
UGF4378 Analyzing Twitter Data
with Hadoop: Live Demo
Gwen Shapira  9:00 AM Р9:45 AM  Moscone South Р308

Monday, 29 September 2014

Session Title Presenter Time Venue
HOL9438 Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Introduction Martin Boyd  2:45 PM Р3:45
 Hotel Nikko РNikko
Ballroom II
CON4102 SQL Tuning Without Trying Arup Nanda  4:00 PM Р4:45 PM  Moscone South Р104

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Session Title Presenter Time Venue
CON7439 SQL Is the Best Development Language for Big Data Thomas Kyte  10:45 AM Р11:30
 Moscone South Р104
CON7653 Data Warehousing and Big
Data Customer Panel
Terry McFadden

Mike Sorrels

Scott Anders

Luis Esteban Grifoll

Reiner Zimmermann

 10:45 AM Р11:30 AM  Moscone South Р302
CON8417 Oracle Business Intelligence 12c: Looking Ahead to
the Next Generation of BI Tech
Chris Lynskey  12:00 PM Р12:45
 Moscone West Р3014
CON6583 Be a Hero with Your DBA:
Database Performance Tuning for Admins and Architects
Achintya Guchhait

Randal Sagrillo

 3:45 PM Р4:30 PM  Intercontinental РGrand Ballroom C
CON5193 Oracle In-Memory: The Game Changer in Data
Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Holger Friedrich  3:45 PM Р4:30
 Moscone South Р102
CON8329 Oracle Big Data SQL: Deep
Dive (SQL over Relational, NoSQL, and Hadoop)
Dan Mcclary  3:45 PM Р4:30 PM  Moscone South Р103
CON4231 Big Data 101 and the Oracle Big Data Solution Rich Niemiec  5:00 PM Р5:45
 Moscone South Р103
CON8450 SQL (and PL/SQL) Tuning
Experts Panel
Jagan Athreya

Graham Wood

Steven Feuerstein

Thomas Kyte

 5:00 PM Р5:45 PM  Moscone South Р306
HOL9414 Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data Alexander Kotopoulis  5:15 PM Р6:15
 Hotel Nikko РNikko
Ballroom III

Wednesday, 01 October 2014

Session Title Presenter Time Venue
CON5654 An Oracle ACE Production: Oracle Fusion Middleware
12c Live Development Demo
Ronald van Luttikhuizen

Lucas Jellema

Lonneke Dikmans

 10:15 AM Р11:00
 Moscone South Р302
CON7885 Integrating Big Data for
the Enterprise
Robert Abbott

Melliyal Annamalai

 12:45 PM Р1:30 PM  Moscone North Р130
CON8266 Best Practices: SQL Tuning Made Easier with
Mauro Pagano  12:45 PM Р1:30
 Moscone South Р306
CON7773 Oracle GoldenGate
Performance Tuning for Oracle Database Integration
Patricia Mcelroy  4:45 PM Р5:30 PM  Moscone North Р130

Thursday, 02 October 2014

Session Title Presenter Time Venue
CON2044 45 DBA Commands in 45 Minutes Julian Dontcheff  1:15 PM Р2:00
 Moscone South Р103
CON6812 Oracle Database In-Memory
in Action
Professor Osborne

Tanel Poder

 10:45 AM Р11:30 AM  Moscone South Р104
CON4361 Leveraging Oracle Data Integrator to Automate Data
Santhosh Nair

Brian Schaffer

 10:45 AM Р11:30
 Moscone West Р3004
CON8419 Advanced Metadata
Modeling for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
Tim Vlamis

Alan Lee

 10:45 AM Р11:30 AM  Moscone West Р3014
CON8052 Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
Performance and RPD Optimization Techniques
Deb Bhattacharjee

Nathan Reynolds

Anupam Bordia

 10:45 AM Р11:30
 Moscone West Р3022
CON2555 Tips for Tuning Data
Warehouses for Best Oracle Business Intelligence Performance
Raghav Venkat  2:30 PM Р3:15 PM  Moscone South Р305
CON7618 Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service: How to
Deliver a Real BI Application in Five Days
Raghav Venkat

Saugata Chowdhury

Vasu Murthy

 9:30 AM Р10:15
 Moscone West Р3014

And the social activities that I’d like to attend;

Sunday, 28 September 3:00 PM Р5:00 PM Kick-Off Bash OTN
Sunday, 28 September 7:00 PM Р10:00 PM Annual ACE Dinner ACE Program
Monday, 29 September 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM ODTUG Reception ODTUG
Monday, 29 September 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Oracle BeNeLux
Architect Café
Oracle Architect
Monday, 29 September 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM OTN Tech Feast OTN
Monday, 29 September 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Wipro Company Dinner Wipro
Tuesday, 30 September 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM OTN Wearable Meetup OTN
Tuesday, 30 September 4:30 PM Р7:00 PM ODTUG Oracle Developers Meetup ODTUG
Tuesday, 30 September 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Oracle ECEMEA Dinner Oracle Turkey
Wednesday, 1 October 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Blogger’s Meetup OTN & Pythian
Wednesday, 1 October 7:00 PM Р00:00 PM Customer Appreciation Event Oracle

#LAOTNTour Leg1 : Panama (City Tour)

It was a long flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Panama City, Panama. First 10:35 hours of flight from Istanbul Atat√ľrk Airport to New York JFK Airport. Laying over 3:50 hours, then to Panama City International Airport with¬†5:12 hours of flight.
I was¬†picked up by courtesy of Panama Oracle Users Group¬†and it was a pleasant journey from the airport to Intercontinental Miramar Hotel. “Anti-Jet-Lag” method worked again. Didn’t sleep before my first flight and slept all flights long, landed at 05:57 am with a fresh, slept. ūüôā Continue reading

#OTNLATour has just started

As started my trip from Istanbul to Panama City, OTN LA Tour 2014 has just started for me.
Here is the my session list for each leg of the tour and the video that Bob Rhubart has posted on OTNArchBeat YouTube channel. Thanks Bob for letting me speak about this long tour.

I know I will be very tired at the end of each day, but I’m sure it will worth it. Once again, I am proud of being an Oracle ACE Director and supporting Oracle ACE Program. Continue reading