OOW 2012 – Fourth (last) Day

This is the last day of Oracle Open World 2012. I wake up early and had a breakfast, then move to Moscone South to visit Exhibition Hall and have a chat with ODI peers, but what! All the Exhibition Hall enterances was closed on Thursday. San Francisco was getting empty. Everywhere prepared for Oracle Open World is packing up one by one. But, no, this should not finish.

I have gone to Moscone West to attend Denis Gray and Julien Testut’s session, Next-Generation Data Integration on Oracle Exadata. Since it was announced that Turkcell is buying an Exadata for Network Operations Division, which will be used for my precious NODI project, I need to listen this session with complete concentration. I have learnt many things that we need to apply in order Exadata run faster for NODI ETL jobs.

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OOW 2012 – Third Day

At 10:00 am, I have met with Dain Hansen and Mert Sengüner to present a podcast session for NODI. It went really good since Mert caught the disease of nervousness. Although he was so cool before the podcast, he got very nervous during the podcast. I did not see Mert in such a nervous situation.
Afterwards I have gone to Demogrounds (Moscone South) to meet with some ODI peers. And the time had come to show up.

I have met with Julien Testut Product Manager of Oracle Data Integrator, who is the moderator of our session, whom I share with Soeren Ahrens from Ross Stores, Paul Stracke from Paychex. He made a good start about us and usage of ODI. First, Paul was on the stage and he talked about achievements that they got from ODI. Afterwards, it was Paul’s turn and he talked how they implemented ODI. Oh my god! They went so quickly and Julien told me that I have 23 minutes to fill. But the slides were prepared for 15 minutes, which is my turn in ages. Then I was on the stand and talked slowly about me, my companies and much about NODI project. I finished about 25 minutes and everything went back to normal. Julien concluded the session with some benefits of ODI. We had about 5-10 questions of which I need to answer, because both of Ross and Paychex did not use the features of questions. We had a small chat after the session and I felt a little relaxed.

Speaking at OOW2012

My Session at OOW2012

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OOW 2012 – Second Day

Woke up early and had a breakfast with Mark Rittman and Jon Mead. We talked about life, business (actually Mark don’t like to talk about business in breakfasts, this is I know for sure => just kidding) and many more.

I have attended my first session for Tuesday which was CON8436-Data Warehousing and Big Data with the Latest Generation of Database and presented by Mark Beyer (Research Vice President, Gartner) and George Lumpkin (Vice President, Product Management, Oracle).

Data Warehousing and Big Data with the Latest Generation of Database

George Lumpkin talked about Turkcell DW and DB Consolidation.

Data Warehousing and Big Data with the Latest Generation of Database

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OOW 2012 – First Day

I received a LinkedIn mail late at night from a Turkish consulting fellow and exchanged phone numbers to see in the morning. This is why I’ve missed today’s keynote session, but it worth it. New York Oracle User Group suggest me some webinar activities to meet with New York’er ODI users online and share my experiences. It’s my pleasure to improve ODI in any platform to any users.

Then I’ve attended Irem Radzik’s session in Moscone West. Hear Brad Adelberg talking about the future of Oracle Data Integration Platform. Learned lots of stuff and met with Brad in person.


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OOW 2012 ACED Briefing Day2

Woke up early at 07:00, packup up my stuff and joined the second day of ACED Product Briefing. Today is tough because I need to be 3 places at the same time. ACED Product Briefing, EBS Breakout sessions and Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Advisory Council.

I first attended the morning sessions of ACED Product Briefing. In the breaks I had a small video with OTN guy (Todd) which will be shown in OTN Lounge. If I have the chance to find the video on YouTube, I’ll update this post. Then I’ve walked to Oracle HQ Conference Center to attend Fusion Middleware Partner Advisory Council.

Product Management Team for the morning session of ACED Product Briefing;
Mike Lehmann : Cloud Application Foundation
Demed L’Her  : SOA Business Events & Integration
Irem Radzik : Oracle Golden Gate (after 3 years and many mailings, I’ll meet Irem personally for the first time)
Dom Lindars : Database Tools Update

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OOW 2012 ACED Briefing Day1

Although this is my 3rd time for Oracle Open World, I’m attending to Open World as an ACE Director for the first time in my life. Firsts are never forgettable.!
I landed San Francisco International Airport in one piece and shuttle took me to Sofitel Hotel yesterday afternoon. After packing off, I go out to see the Oracle Center. Oracle HQ architecture is amazing.

Oracle HQ

Met some ACED fellows (Danial Morgan, Kent Graziano, Simon Haslam and many others) in the hotel lobby, had some beers together and made some work in the room.

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My Session Schedule

Finally I have prepared my initial session schedule for Oracle Open World 2012. Here are the details;

And sessions that are in my interest list are as follow;

CON8429 – Tom’s Top 12 Things About the Latest Generation of Database Technology
In this session, Oracle Vice President Tom Kyte takes a look at the latest generation of database technology and zeros in on 12 high-impact capabilities, looking at what they are and why they are relevant.
1 Hour Conference Session Thomas Kyte

Consistent, robust error management is a critical feature of any successful application. Developers need to know all that is possible in PL/SQL regarding the raising, handling, and logging of errors, to standardize the way those tasks are performed. This session explores the wide range of specialized error management features in Oracle PL/SQL. It covers FORALL’s SAVE EXCEPTIONS, DML error logging with the DBMS_ERRLOG package, the AFTERSERVERERROR trigger, the DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE function, and more. After attending this session, you will be able to fully leverage PL/SQL error management features, making it easier to identify the sources of problems and fix them more rapidly.
1 Hour Conference Session Steven Feuerstein
Various programming disciplines have taken advantage of collaborative development, agile methods, and rapid feedback to achieve quality code faster. The ability to constantly build and deploy code into identical environments assists in this capability. This session discusses techniques that enable high levels of visibility and traceability for developing database code and schema objects. It also covers the value of constant environmental comparisons between developer copies, central development databases, and integration environments that can reduce potential deployment problems.
1 Hour User Group Forum (Sunday Only) Kellyn Pot’Vin Stewart Bryson
DBAs, applications developers, and database developers: attend this hands-on lab to experiment with new MapReduce and scalable data manipulation capabilities in the database system:
• Implement Hadoop mappers and reducers directly in the database.
• Implement in-database PL/SQL MapReduce.
• Implement scalable data manipulation with SQL pattern matching.
• Implement parallel pipelined table functions in Java or PL/SQL.
1 Hour HOL (Hands-on Lab) Gerard Laker Martin Gubar , Jean-Pierre Dijcks , Kuassi Mensah
This session covers five capabilities of the SQL and PL/SQL languages in the latest generation of database technology that you probably don’t know about—but should.
1 Hour Conference Session Thomas Kyte
Oracle Business Intelligence, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, brings a metadata layer, shared/user-defined calculation, interactive dashboards and visualizations, and connectivity to Oracle Essbase multidimensional analysis. It shares security, an Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) development environment, and management tools with the rest of the Oracle Fusion Middleware suite, so BI can be embedded into applications, business processes, and portals. This session shows BI functionality’s use in Oracle Fusion Middleware applications and business processes and how BI dashboards and other visualizations can be used in Oracle ADF applications. You’ll see what works, what’s not quite there, and how Oracle uses integration capabilities in Oracle Fusion Applications.
45 Minutes User Group Forum (Sunday Only) Mark Rittman
Oracle Exalytics is Oracle’s hardware/software platform for “speed of thought” analytics. This presentation, delivered by a speaker from an Oracle partner that was the first to buy Oracle Exalytics in the U.K., looks at the architecture of Oracle Exalytics and goes through best practices for the install and configuration of the product and for the use of Oracle In-Memory Database Cache together with the other caching and optimization tools available with the platform. The session also considers alternative approaches to loading and populating the in-memory cache, including the use of Oracle GoldenGate, and discusses what types of performance problems are best solved by Oracle Exalytics.
1 Hour User Group Forum (Sunday Only) Mark Rittman
When faced with a database performance problem, how do you solve it? Do you follow a top-down approach, taking a holistic view to identify resources used, and then prove or disprove your ideas? Or do you google and hack your way through guesses and performance myths, hoping to solve the problem? Find out how your approach compares to the proven methods of the Oracle Real-World Performance Group, which presents some of the performance challenges it faces on a daily basis. This session includes interactive demos, role play, and worked examples as well as cameo appearances from other well-known database experts. This is Part 1 of 3 sessions: (1) “Real-World Performance Challenges,” (2) “Real-World Performance Solutions,” (3) “Wrap-up and Q&A.”
1 Hour Conference Session Andrew Holdsworth Graham Wood , Thomas Kyte
Bring your problems caused by poor query performance, bad indexing schemes, or stale statistics to this session. Also bring your questions on query optimization on Oracle Exadata and Oracle’s SPARC SuperCluster products to this distinguished panel of Oracle experts. Send your questions in advance via http://bit.ly/tuning-roundtable.
1 Hour Conference Session Jagan Athreya Graham Wood , Thomas Kyte
One of the crucial skills in the big data world is being able to understand the basics of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and the MapReduce framework. This session shows you how to work with HDFS and construct a basic MapReduce job that leverages Oracle’s big data software stack. After this session, you will have an understanding of how Hadoop, HDFS, and MapReduce work and be ready to start work on your own big data projects.
1 Hour HOL (Hands-on Lab) Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Even if you are a novice Oracle DBA, you know that one thing is guaranteed: there will be a performance issue at some point. How do you plan your activity? In this session for beginners, you will learn a methodical approach to troubleshooting performance issues in Oracle—making you more effective by executing some precise steps rather than unplanned haphazard approaches with tangential directions. The foundations of the analysis are the use of v$session, v$session_event, v$sesstat, v$active_session_history, and dbms_monitor. The session presents all concepts with live demos.
1 Hour User Group Forum (Sunday Only) Arup Nanda
A new data warehouse implementation is challenging when the legacy data warehouse is the basis of a multitenant BI service customers rely on for daily analytics. Emerson Climate Technologies – Retail Solutions (ECT-RS) needed to replace its data warehouse while maintaining service levels for its customers. With the help of Rittman Mead, ECT-RS exploited the architecture of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to rapidly design and deploy a new data warehouse while ensuring that customers experienced no loss in service. The project team used the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition business model to drive the design of new, optimized content while relying on its federation capabilities to deploy that new content to customers incrementally. Learn more in this session.
1 Hour User Group Forum (Sunday Only) Stewart Bryson Gary Braswell
Big data solutions, Hadoop, and NoSQL databases are hot topics. This year, Oracle introduced a complete suite of technologies for big data and the process of acquiring, organizing, analyzing, and making business decisions with all this data. You’ve heard the product presentations. You’ve seen the demos. Attend this BOF session to share your experiences, pose questions to the experts, and meet other customers who are working on big data application solutions. Senior members of the Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle Big Data Connectors, Oracle R Enterprise, and Oracle Big Data Appliance teams will be there to answer your questions.
45 Minutes BOF (Birds-of-a-Feather) Jean-Pierre Dijcks David Segleau , Melliyal Annamalai
Is your data warehouse growing faster than your storage budget? Is your data warehouse’s size slowing down your queries? Are you struggling with the challenge of archiving online transaction processing (OLTP) data while keeping it accessible to users? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your attendance at this session is mandatory! You’ll learn how Oracle Database’s Hybrid Columnar Compression feature can shrink your data warehouse to as little as 1/15 of its original size while greatly improving query performance. You’ll also learn how, with up to 50X compression for archive data, it enables you to keep your historical data available for users, and your storage administrator won’t even care it’s there. The session offers Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression best practices.
1 Hour Conference Session Holger Friedrich Miles Oustad , Vineet Marwah , Gregg Christman
This session looks at various database features in the latest generation of database technology that every developer needs to be aware of and shows how you can implement your application with security in mind.
1 Hour Conference Session Thomas Kyte
Oracle plans to integrate Oracle Essbase and the EPM product suite with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle Fusion Middleware. So with the latest release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition,, how do you connect Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to your Oracle Essbase databases and how well does it handle Oracle Essbase features such as scenario and account dimensions, changing outlines, and unbalanced/parent-child hierarchies? How well do Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition’s ad hoc reporting tools handle Oracle Essbase hierarchies and member selections in the release? Can we still embed Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition dashboards in Oracle Workspaces? Learn the answers in this session.
1 Hour User Group Forum (Sunday Only) Mark Rittman
We can’t write software without our brains, and our brains come with a full load of “issues.” The way our brain remembers the past and projects into the future has a big impact on how we write code. Moving beyond physiology, human psychology also plays its role, making it difficult for us to acknowledge ignorance and ask for help. This session offers an intensive coding therapy session (including couples therapy, dream therapy, and shock therapy) to help all attendees come to grips with their innate, unavoidable issues, making it easier to write better code—and help others on their team write better code.
1 Hour Conference Session Steven Feuerstein
Oracle Exalytics is Oracle’s hardware/software platform for “speed of thought” analysis. This presentation looks initially at the architecture and capabilities of Oracle Exalytics and then goes through the development of an Oracle Exalytics application sourcing data from structured and semistructured sources, analyzed with Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Endeca Information Discovery. Aimed at developers looking to leverage this new in-memory platform, the session provides an end-to-end guide to developing fast, interactive, and highly visual applications with these new BI tools.
1 Hour Conference Session Mark Rittman
Weblogs, social media, smart meters, sensors, and other devices generate high volumes of fast-moving data: big data. This session explains how to harness big data, your existing data, and predictive analytics to make better decisions in an environment of rapid shifts in behavior and instant feedback. It outlines a technology landscape for maximizing the impact of your big data implementation on your business. You will learn about the technologies that constitute a big data architecture, how to leverage and implement advanced analytics for real-time decisions, and the tools needed to know the unknown.
1 Hour Conference Session Jean-Pierre Dijcks
Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is a new Oracle Fusion Middleware product that helps you analyze unstructured, semistructured, and structured data sets from disparate datasources with little up-front data modeling. This session, for Oracle BI/data warehouse developers, develops an Oracle Endeca Information Discovery application from data sourced in Oracle Endeca Information Discovery’s Integrator feature to dashboards and shows how disparate jagged datasources are loaded and integrated in Oracle Endeca Server. With this data, the session involves building a hybrid search/analysis application with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery’s Studio feature and shows how such applications complement and extend the traditional relational and OLAP-based Oracle Business Intelligence dashboards.
1 Hour User Group Forum (Sunday Only) Mark Rittman
This presentation looks at an Oracle Business Intelligence implementation that was designed to provide real-time analytics based on a high-volume event-driven enterprise architecture. It looks at the design and architecture decisions and talks through some of the technical challenges of using Oracle Data Integrator to read high-volume data from an event queue into Oracle Exadata. Reporting was provided through Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and the presentation looks at some of the physical and logical structures required to support the query times needed for real-time reporting, plus some of the visualization techniques used to enable the business to understand the ever-changing data set.
1 Hour User Group Forum (Sunday Only) Jon Mead
Learn how Oracle Data Integrator provides best-in-class technology for reliable, repeatable bulk data movement and transformation with high performance. Oracle Data Integrator delivers success in enterprise integration across a variety of scenarios such as SOA-based architectures, data warehousing, and many more. This session features actual customers sharing their experiences as well as how they maximized their investment in Oracle Data Integrator.
1 Hour Conference Session Soeren Ahrens Paul Stracke , Gurcan Orhan , Julien Testut
Data integration is more than simply moving data in bulk or in real time—it is also about unifying information for improved business agility and integrating it in today’s service-oriented architectures. This hands-on lab—for developers, DBAs, and architects—demonstrates best practices for integrating Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle SOA Suite.
1 Hour HOL (Hands-on Lab) Denis Gray Christophe Dupupet , Alexander Kotopoulis
Data warehousing solutions are as critical for IT environments as online transaction processing (OLTP) systems. Attend this session to see how Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate provide industry-leading performance and scalability for data integration on Oracle Exadata. In the session, Oracle Product Management demonstrates how Oracle Data Integration can maximize the performance of source and target systems and minimize batch windows while ensuring data quality—all without adding more hardware resources. The session focuses on best practices for Oracle Data Integration on Oracle Exadata that deliver high performance and low TCO for your data warehousing solutions. It includes real-life customer examples.
1 Hour Conference Session Denis Gray Julien Testut
This hands-on lab highlights for developers, DBAs, and architects some of the best practices for implementing extract/load/transform (ELT) techniques to improve performance and reduce data integration costs with Oracle Data Integrator. Participants will walk through the steps needed to load and transform various sources into a relational table target, including how to deploy and manage interfaces with Oracle Data Integrator.
1 Hour HOL (Hands-on Lab) Julien Testut Jayant Mahto , Michael Eisterer
In this session, the Oracle Data Integration product management team presents an overview of Oracle Data Integrator, the current strategy for Oracle Data Integrator, as well as the latest new and future exciting key features. The presentation focuses on the latest Oracle Data Integrator 11g features as well as a preview of the future product roadmap and strategy for Oracle Data Integrator. Features and functionality covered during the presentation include big data integration, cloud integration, smart import/export, Oracle Data Integrator shortcuts, Global Knowledge Modules, XML enhancements, BI enhancements, Oracle Data Integration load plans, and many additional performance and productivity enhancements.
1 Hour Conference Session Denis Gray
An accelerated increase in compute capacity, data volumes, and heterogeneous datasources fueled by advances in architectures such as very large memories, distributed parallel computing, and engineered systems at a practical price/performance ratio is changing the nature of enterprise business analytics and requirements for data integration tools. This session covers Oracle’s major data integration products, including Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality applications, and Oracle Big Data Connectors. It highlights key product updates, along with the roadmap and future strategy for addressing the next tier of data integration challenges.
1 Hour Conference Session Irem Radzik Bradley Adelberg
Learn tips and tricks for utilizing Oracle Data Integrator in a real-time integration scenario. This session covers Raymond James’ implementation of real-time data warehousing, including customizations to Oracle Data Integrator to improve throughput and lower integration latency.
1 Hour Conference Session Tim Garrod Ryan Fonnett , Christophe Dupupet
The advent of industry megatrends such as social data, device sensor data, and mobile computing platforms’ growth in popularity over desktops means that data volumes are going to be explosive, with organizations trying to figure out how to save and analyze the data. Oracle Data Integrator is critical to any enterprise big data strategy—it provides native support for Hadoop and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) via Oracle Big Data Connectors. In this session, you’ll learn about Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Big Data Connectors and how, coupled together, they provide the critical connectivity to multiple big data sources. Also, hear how Oracle Data Integrator supports business intelligence/data warehouse enterprise initiatives that are extended through big data analytics.
1 Hour Conference Session Mala Narasimharajan Michael Eisterer
In this session, the Oracle Product Management team focuses on advanced data integration patterns and customer use cases that are proven to increase overall performance while also reducing total cost of ownership. The presentation covers how easily Oracle Data Integrator can natively integrate with your SOA platform without additional hardware as well as how easy it is to extend and adapt Oracle Data Integrator to your business needs. Oracle Data Integrator can handle even the most complex of tasks out of the box, but there are always advanced outside-of-the-box requirements. By utilizing the Oracle Data Integrator SDK and its Groovy scripting and adapting its knowledge modules, you can easily adapt Oracle Data Integrator to meet your advanced data integration and business requirements.
1 Hour Conference Session Alexander Kotopoulis Christophe Dupupet
The Integrated Capture mode of extract, available in Oracle GoldenGate Release 11.2.1, is specific to Oracle Database, using native database mining to capture database changes. This session focuses on the new capabilities; datatypes, such as compressed tables and XMLType; and advantages available in this mode and presents configuration recommendations for best performance.
1 Hour Conference Session Joydip Kundu Lik Wong
You might expect to have DBAs involved in data modeling and maintaining physical objects and entities, but how are they involved with master data management (MDM)? MDM becomes important for DBAs as they see data issues and deal with them. DBAs are definitely part of MDM activities but can’t do it alone. Support of the business and involvement with other architects and technologists are critical. This involvement includes a unique perspective to help provide metrics and other solutions that those in this role are able to provide—especially across the larger database environment. This session provides some insights into how to get involved in MDM projects and shows what value can be added by the DBA role.
1 Hour Conference Session Michelle Malcher
This session highlights new features in external tables and in Oracle Database’s SQL*Loader feature that make it easy to load your files. In the presentation, Oracle developers tell you how to take your SQL*Loader control file and make an external table out of it. Learn about shortcuts you can use to simplify the syntax in your control file or external tables. Discover tools available to help you write your control files and access parameters. Hear a speaker from Accenture discussing SQL*Loader’s new features and performance and offering tips for reducing load times.
1 Hour Conference Session Radu Parvu Michael Sakayeda , James Stenoish

Oracle Open World Session

I have received a speaker invitation for Oracle Open World 2012 and surely accepted it. Here is my session details which I will share it with Julien Testut (Product Manager of ODI);

Session ID: CON8688
Session Title: Customer Perspectives: Oracle Data Integrator

I have checked out the Session List and Speaker List and made some nice to join schedule. I hope these sessions would not overlap and I need to choose one of them.

Alok Pareek & Irem Radzik : CON9290 – Future Strategy, Direction, and Roadmap of Oracle’s Data Integration Platform
Alexander Kotopoulis & Christophe Dupupet : CON8874 – Accelerate Oracle Data Integrator with Advanced Features, SOA, Groovy, SDK, and XML
Christophe Dupupet : CON6614 – Real-Time Data Integration with Oracle Data Integrator at Raymond James
Denis Gray & Julien Testut : CON8652 – Next-Generation Data Integration on Oracle Exadata
Denis Gray : CON8650 – Oracle Data Integrator Product Update and Future Strategy
Dain Hansen & Howard Beader : CON9632 – Best Practices for Powering an Integrated Customer Experience Solution
Mala Narasimharajan & Michael Eisterer : CON8655 – Tackling Big Data Analytics with Oracle Data Integrator
Mark Farnham : CON6472 – An Alternative to Star Transformations: Spiny Starfish
Ami Aharonovich : CON8071 – Explore Oracle Database 11g Best Practices and Guidelines for Writing and Tuning SQL Statements
Mark Rittman : CON2643 – Developing Search/Analytic BI Applications with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
Jonathan Lewis : CON2803 – The Evolution of Histograms in Oracle Database
Orhan Karaman : CON8435 – Customer Panel: Oracle Exadata Data Protection Best Practices
Reiner Zimmermann : CON8418 – Data Warehouse and Big Data Customers’ View of the Future
Jean-Pierre Dijcks & Gerard Laker & Martin Gubar & Kuassi Mensah : HOL9990 – In-Database MapReduce and Scalable Data Manipulation
Jean-Pierre Dijcks & David Segleau & Melliyal Annamalai : BOF9877 – Oracle’s Big Data Solutions: NoSQL, Connectors, R, and Appliance Technologies
Maria Colgan : CON8457 – Oracle Database Optimizer: An Insider’s View of How the Optimizer Works
Maria Colgan : CON8455 – Oracle Database Optimizer: Harnessing the Power of Optimizer Hints
Thomas Kyte : CON8429 – Tom’s Top 12 Things About the Latest Generation of Database Technology
Thomas Kyte & Andrew Holdsworth & Graham Wood : CON8405 – A Day in the Life of a Real-World Performance Engineer: Part 2 (Part 1 was great)
Thomas Kyte : CON8432 – Five SQL and PL/SQL Things in the Latest Generation of Database Technology

*** You need to login with your Oracle SSO user with Oracle in order to open links.