@OTNArchBeat interview during #OOW13

We had the interview with Bob Rhubart (@OTNArchBeat) during Oracle Open World 2013 (#OOW13) and we have talked about my first session “Delicious : Oracle Enterprise Data Quality, Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator on Oracle Exadata for perfection”. And here it is.

My Best #OOW13 Ever

This was the best @OracleOpenWorld that I’ve ever attended. @OracleAceProgram and @OracleTechNet did a great job as always. Presentations, which were held during the ACE Director Product Briefing, was under NDA, and we couldn’t share it as usual. 🙂 Continue reading

#OOW13 is getting closer

Oracle Open World 2013 is less than a week away. This would be my 4th time for Open World (attending since 2010) and this conference it is really huge. Lots of sessions to pick from (my schedule) and tough job for social media. 🙂
For the first time of my Open World history, I will be presenting 2 sessions. Presentations are ready now (always need a final touch). Mark your calendars if you are interested not only in ODI, but also how ODI talks with Enterprise Data Quality, Oracle GoldenGate, Exadata.
Jerome Francoisse from RittmanMead will be my co-speaker and I think sessions would be so much fun and open for surprises. Continue reading