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I was born in Sarikamis / Kars, far north-east side of Turkey in cold weather conditions January 1974. Because of my father’s being a officer in military I’ve travelled many places in Turkey. I’ve started elementary school in Bozuyuk / Bilecik and finished in Erzurum. Afterwards I’ve passed the exam for Anatolian High Schools and finished Balikesir A. Sirri Yircali Anatolian High School. After finishing High School I’ve attended the university exams and started Uludag University Industrial Engineering Bachelor of Science.
I’ve started working on 1994 as a Technical guy working on hardwares. Then something lit inside me and started to work as a developer in a MRP 2 company for automotive industry. I’ve used Microsoft Access 1.1, Visual Basic 3.0 and SQL Server 6.5 in here. I’ve developed some outsource developments with Microsoft Access 2.0 as well.
After graduating I’d like to dive into a sea and come to Istanbul. I’ve first worked in EMPA Int., which is the leader in computer related products distributor in Turkey, as a MIS Project Engineer between 2000 and 2002. We’ve running on an ERP system named Epicor Platinum of version 4.2a based on Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 (then upgraded to 7.0) . I’ve prepared my first analytical reports based on ERP system using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as a ETL tool, without knowing what ETL means.
After the crisis in Turkey I’ve changed my job and worked in Çözüm Computing with a one year project in 2002 and 2003 named Time Account. I’ve used Microsoft Visual Basic (then upgraded to .Net) and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Then back to ERP systems in 2003 with IAS Computing as a developer and consultant concerning with production modules. I’ve used MySQL in IAS. Then I’ve joined the Altinyildiz Textile & Clothing which is one of the leaders in textile industry in Turkey. My first Oracle and Data Warehousing experience was in Altinyildiz. I was working as software developer and worked with Microsoft Access 97 as a ERP tool with Oracle 6i as database. I’ve involved in Altinyildiz Enterprise DWH Project and got my first certificate in developing in Microstrategy. I didn’t use any ETL tool, I’ve written our own ETL mechanism within Microsoft Access. I’ve worked in Altinyildiz between 2003 and 2005.
I’ve quit job because of my military service and when I came back in 2005, I’ve joined the Tradesoft Business Services as a Business Solutions Technical Consultant. As I’m familiar with ERP products I was the developer of Microsoft Navision running on SQL Server 2000. After some various clients for various sectors I’ve chosen as Financial Consultant of Tradesoft’s own application named GTP (Global Trading Platform), which was used especially in financial services sector. I’ve developed various analytical reports within Navision but due o working too hard, more than 100 hours a week. Working 2 years with 85 hours in a week of average, between 2005 and 2007 was too much for me.
I’ve got so tired and joined Intellica Business Intelligence Company as a Senior Consultant. I’ve first leaded AVEA DWH Restructuring Project as ETL Team Leader and finalized it in 8 months. Afterwards I’ve leaded the Tekstilbank DWH project and finalized the complete project including modeling, Data Warehouse ETL, Data Marts ETL  and BI reporting in 6 months with only 2 people including me. We’ve also worked with Siebel CRM Marketing Automation team as well. I’ve worked in Intellica between 2007 and 2008.
A good offer made to me from Turkcell and I’m really pleased with that and accepted. I was the Senior Developer in Network Operations Division – Decision System Support team. Then due to business change I’ve done system administration of ODI and Cognos. Then on March 2010 I’ve transferred to Turkcell Technology as a Senior Developer. My main project was NODI – Network Operations Data Infrastructure, which I was involving since I’ve started Turkcell. Then I became Software Architect and Expert Developer in Turkcell Technology and architected other projects as well. Application Integration was the project where integrating applications within data level when target and source are not the same type of database. Network Analytics was the project where Turkcell’s network signalling traffic data (not big data, it is huge data) is stored and reported analytically in a Data Warehouse concept.
We (my wife and I) has decided to dive in a bigger water – ocean – and shook hands with Rittman Mead Consulting and started as Data Integration Practice Head in Rittman Mead Consulting. My mission is to be responsible of data integration activities in Rittman Mead Group (UK, USA, India and Australia). But due do visa process didn’t work, we mutually withdrew our contract with Rittman Mead.

After working a few months at Global Maksimum Data & Information Technologies to support data warehouse related activities as a Principle DWH Architect, currently working in Ereteam Consultancy as Principle Consultant for permanent consulting position at Turkcell. I architected and developed Turkcell’s ETL operations for different projects.

Then I switched to Wipro Consulting based in Istanbul, Turkey and I was responsible for defining data migration strategy, data profiling approach, data reconciliation approach for Oracle EBS and Oracle CC&B as well as implementing OBIA, OBIU and a custom DWH for 4 distribution and 4 retail companies separately in energy sector.

Deloitte Turkey found me and offered me to lead the Information Management practice within Turkey Consulting operations. I was responsible for all the practice for data warehousing, business intelligence, master data management, enterprise architecture, information architecture, data quality, data profiling, big data, fast data, streaming data and other data centric activities. I am selected as a Subject Matter Expert for “Deloitte Global Enterprise Data Warehouse CoP (Community of Practice)” and trying to help all Deloitte practitioners globally.

After things didn’t go as you dreamt of, we mutually agreed to quit from Deloitte Turkey and started to work as Senior Solutions Consultant in Metric Analytics Consultancy. I am now responsible for all data driven projects with data warehousing, business intelligence, data profiling, data quality, big data, fast data and others in a more technical fashion.

Awarded as Oracle Excellence Awards, Technologist of the Year 2011 : Enterprise Architect
(copied Oracle Magazine Awards, Enterprise Architect of the Year 2011).

Thanks for all my followers & supporters and everybody around me.

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