#AMIS25 – the Conference

AMIS (Aero Management Information Management System) is celebrating its 25 glorious years and that was why venue is intentionally picked as an airport hangar near Katwijk. I’d like to thank to initially to Oracle ACE Program for letting this happen, then biggest thanks to Lucas Jelemma and also everybody involved in conference (speacial credits to Saskia van der Maat and Lianne Verhoeven for taking care of all the speakers)

Venue from a top view

As I mentioned my Amsterdam City Tour and OTN Cloud Developers Challenge posts, I enjoyed every second of my Amsterdam trip. Now to mention something about AMIS25 conference.

First of all, because of OTN and Oracle ACE Program to organise the challenge, line-up was amazing. One of the best speakers that I ever seen in a conference. There were 8 streams, full of experts. I met new guys and see the old faces again. Networking opportunity was fantastic because of agenda organisation of the event. I couldn’t attend many of the sessions I checked-in, because there were 8 tracks and nearly impossible to pick one from.

Unfortunately Bjöern was lack of his luggage, because his luggage loved to stay in Istanbul while transferring to Netherlands.
Did you know that Deiby is now “Gurcan Certified Master – GCM“? Need to work on this!
This weird thing happens when we change faces with Stewart. NooooOOoooOOoo…!!!










Windmill in Leiden after the end of conference with Deiby.











And the sessions I attended… Choosing was another challenge because of the agenda.

Ronald Luttikhuizen talking about selecting integration solutions.
Heli Helskyaho, “Top 10 Features of SQL Developer Everybody Should Use” and finished 10 mins before
Toon Koppelaars talking about Hash joins and Bloom filters
Jonathan Lewis tells us “Just Don’t Do It”.
Debra Lilley with What does Digital Disruption Mean To The Oracle Ecosystem?
Bryn Llewellyn talking about Why Use PL/SQL?
Pete Finnigan talking about Database Vault


Bjöern Rost talking about Source Tuning Tools which I missed at #TROUGDays.
Tim Hall is talking about Its raining data! Oracle databases in the cloud
As a host, Lucas Jellema is talking about Soaring through the Clouds
Sai Janakiram Penumuru is talking about Harness the Power of Big Data with Oracle





































As mentioned earlier, huge and biggest thanks to Oracle Technology Network and Oracle ACE Program for supporting us to this awesome event. Last picture is dedicated to Mrs. Jennifer Nicholson in the ACE Program. It was a delicious dinner with great company.



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