AMIS25 OTN Cloud Developer Challenge

It was early April when we (as ACE Directors) received a mail about asking to attend to AMIS25 conference and OTN Cloud Developer Challenge (formerly known as Cloud Hackaton) and I replied yes. To face the challenge, I asked Heli HelskyahoTim Hall, Osama Mustafa and Debra Lilley. Luckily, all replied yes and we start discussing about our solution. Debra’s idea was great and we started to work on it.

As the team consisting of non-cloud experts (a data modeler, a dba, a middleware guy, a non-technical lady with her lovely British English accent and a DWH guy), our challenge doubled. It was totally a coincidence that these are the “Oracle Family” members, where Debra and Tim was parents and adopted Heli. So, we decided to name our group as “Oracle Family & Associates”. It was so pity that Osama had some issues with his visa and couldn’t come to the event.

After reaching the Hangaar2 (the venue for AMIS 25 Conference) the day before the conference starts, Roland kicked off the OTN Cloud Developer Challenge then Bruno Borges and other Cloud product managers presented useful information not only about Challenge, but also the Oracle Cloud Services as well.
AMIS Hackaton StartingBesides most of the other teams, we only had some big portion of the data model and Tim was on the way to venue initially. Discussing about the model with HeliThen Challenge started. (please click the pictures to enlarge)





While we were struggling with the difficulties with Tim, Heli was helping us. 🙂

 Heli helping us Working with Tim

We continued working about our solution the Day-2, where Debra is (of course) selected as presenter of our team, then, later at Day-2, she showed off.

Debra presenting

Team working hard







The “Oracle Family and Associates” Team. We didn’t forget you Osama, although you are far away. 🙂


Congratulations to all the winners (I really admire their solutions). I enjoyed the “OTN Cloud Developer Challenge” a lot, pleased to being a part of awesome team and I learnt more than I expected.


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