AMIS25 – City Tour

I was able to visit city of Amsterdam twice, on 31st of May (when I touched down) and 4th of June (the day after the AMIS25 conference). It is a lovely city with full of attractions, sightseeing, shopping and lots more. Here are some selection of my photos that I’ve taken during my long (long, because I had 22k steps in the first and 22.3k steps in my second tour) walking tours.
Please click pictures to enlarge.

A free piano in the central station saying that “Play Me”. Of course I didn’t.
In front of central station.









Narrow and historic view in Red Light District
Canals, there are lots of canals in Amsterdam.








Dam in the center of Amsterdam
Another view of Dam








I am-sterdam. Yes I am.
1/100 of a chance to meet with Fatih, a Turkish DWH professional working in Amsterdam








The famous “The Bulldog”. Diet coke is extremely fantastic (!). This was the last stop for the Day-1. Guess why?
Hard to believe again, it is 9:18pm and sun is still there (it gets dark after 10pm or so









Streets to Central Station, lovely buildings.
Dam in the Day-2. Check the lady painting behind me.










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