2015 at a glance

As we are in the last days of 2015, I would like to review my 2015 at a glance.


  • Year started early with OTN Yathra Tour 2015 with all 2 sessions at Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore starting from 19th February till 25th February. Remarkable point is that it was snowing heavily in Turkey and sunny weather in India. Thanks to Sai Janakiram for everything.
  • Oracle User Group Norway (OUGN) in Oslo, Norway at 12th and 13th March 2015 with 2 sessions. My first time in OUGN and luckily boat was great with no waves and swings at all. Thanks to
    Øyvind Isene for all his effort.
  • Ireland Oracle User Group (OUG_Ire) in Dublin, Ireland at 19th March 2015 with 2 sessions. Ireland means good beer and “proper” Irish Pubs. Thanks to Brendan Tierney and UKOUG for setting everything up although Brendan was heavily ill.
  • Turkish Oracle User Group (TROUG) at Halic University Bilisim Gunleri in Istanbul at 16th April 2015. I always want to go to universities and share my expertise with the young generation.
  • Oracle Open World 2015, San Francisco, California at 25th September 2015 and 29th September 2015. Thanks to Debra Lilley (for adding me into UGF3190) and Oracle Data Integration team for letting me speak once again. This was my 6th time in Oracle Open World and 6 of 6 I had the speaker ribbon.
  • Bulgarian Oracle User Group (BGOUG) Fall 2015 Conference in Pravets, Bulgaria at 20th and 21st November 2015 with 3 sessions. Thanks to Milena Gerova for all the efforts she made and it was a fantastic conference.
  • Recorded a 2 Minute Tech Tip – Let ODI Learn From You with Bob Rhubart (OTN ArchBeat) at 14th September 2015.
  • Recorded Oracle Developer Choice (DEVVY) Judge by OTN Database Community at 3rd November 2015 with Laura Ramsey during the Oracle Open World 2015.
  • Recorded another 2 Minute Tech Tip OWB 2 ODI Migration by OTNArchBeat with Bob Rhubart (OTN ArchBeat) at 12th November 2015 during the Oracle Open World 2015.

2015 highlights;

It was a great 2015, but I’m sure it will be a better 2016. Happy new year.


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