Another @oracleopenworld is approacing

Time is running fast and we’re so close to depart to San Francisco for another Oracle Open World 2015. I am attending to this – biggest in globe – conference since 2010 consecutively and proud for having the “speaker ribbon” 6th times in a row (never missed an Open World, how lucky I am).

Special and biggest thanks to Oracle ACE Program for all the support and information. My (actually all the Oracle ACE Directors’) travel itinerary including from/to airport to hotel, where to stay, what to do, etc. are all arranged prior to event.

Once again I am proud of being an ACE Director and continue to give all my support to community.

If you’re in town and want to meet me, buzz me from Twitter, LinkedIn or Here (Blog) and let’s have some beers.

I almost finished all my schedule and – as usual – there’s no empty slot at first sight. Each day starts early and ends late.

This year, I have 2 sessions to talk, details and my opinions are below;

Oracle Open World’s first ever 105 minute session (means 2 sessions combined). 12 Oracle ACE Directors from Europe (glad to be counted one of them) are selected to this amazing experience. Thanks to my friend Debra Lilley to setup everything (sorry for sending my presentation late). Each will talk 7 minutes, no time extending, no mercy. It was really wonderful and full of pressure last year, where I was to speak about Pattern Matching after a full 45 minute session of same topic, besides after Jonathan Lewis and Christian Antognini leaving the stage. Of course, mine was in 6 minutes. But, I got great feedback from the audience, one said that “I didn’t understand anything from 45 minutes session, it was too technical and detailed, but now I guess I can use Pattern Matching”. So, just like last year, this session probably will be in a packed room, so reserve your seats ASAP.

Thanks to Oracle DI PM (Julien Testut) for offering this session to me. I originally submitted this abstract (declined), but is combined with migration from Informatica and Oracle Warehouse Builder to Oracle Data Integrator. If you can wake up (after the appreciation party headlining Elton John), this could be a good chance for you to have a thought how to perform migration from Informatica & OWB to Oracle Data Integrator. No clues, I will share a unique method to perform migration smooth, robust, without development freeze…

Is this it? Of course nooo.!

After the stunning photo with Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz last year, Osama Mustafa will be my travelling partner (seats already reserved side by side) and I’m happy to spend time together with him again. Since this will be his rookie-ACED year, Osama, stay tune for jokes, surprises, and apologies for all the things that I’m planning in advance. 🙂

After the Oracle ACE Directors Product Briefing sessions 22nd and 23rd October (no tweet, no blog, no breathe), Saturday will be my annual shopping-madness event. I’ll drive to Vacaville Premium Outlets (1,5 hrs drive from San Francisco Union Square) and will buy clothes & other needs for my family and my self. Since I started to wear casual-strict-business dress, my focus is changed from sports wear like Columbia to ties, business shirts, suits, casual shoes, etc.

Sunday will be User Group Sessions’ day, so if you are looking for techie sessions, Sunday sessions are ready for you. I already booked 4 sessions for Sunday, but may attend more. And Annual ACE Dinner will be on Sunday evening. I missed lots of my Oracle ACE Associates, ACE or ACE Directors friends and would like to meet new ones.

Monday will be like hell. Many of the roadmap sessions will be held on Monday and my session schedule is almost full. Don’t forget to add YesSQL Reception (4pm) to your schedule. Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards Winners will be announced. Followed by ODTUG meet-up and my company’s dinners.

Tuesday will be a hard day as well, many sessions, keynote session, OTN activities and so on with invited private dinner.

Wednesday seems to be more relaxed, but need to save energy for OTN & Pythian’s sponsored Blogger’s Meet-up and Oracle Customer Appreciation Event.

Thursday will be cool, if I can survive (I did up to now) from Wednesday night, I’ll visit (!) my session and again many sessions & activities will be there.

In the meantime, if you are techie enough, don’t forget to add OakTable World 2015 to your calendars.

To get over the jetlag (which I don’t know what it is), I will not sleep (probably writing blog post for the impressions of OOW15 or catching up emails) and return back to “home sweet home” on Friday.

There are many blog posts which can guide and help you to make your Oracle Open World experience better, here are some of them.
How to Survive, no, Thrive at Oracle Open World by Jeff Smith.
What To Do at OOW15 (Social & Serious)? by Martin Widlake.
The Data Warrior Goes to Oracle Open World 2015 (#OOW15) by Kent Graziano.
#2MTT 12 More Things About Database 12c by Debra Lilley.

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