Oracle DRM for RDM from MDM

As I started reading a field report about Oracle DRM solution from MDM Institute (shared by Jeff Pollock in LinkedIn), I started to sketch out during this read and wanted to share my comments as well as my notes & highlights.
Here is the link for Oracle DRM Solution.Initially, let’s remember the abbreviations (you’ll need it while you’re reading the report or this post {so confusing}. :-))

MDM : Master Data Management
RDM : Reference Data Management
DRM : Data Relationship Management
DRG : Data Relationship Governance

I believe that MDM will be more important than before since the OLTP applications are switching, big data projects are going live and instead of thinking about data in a daily basis, there is a need for infinity. Where I call this is as “Data Lifecycle”. A data – doesn’t matter whether it is master or transactional- borns (creating data for appropriate purpose), lives (updates, transformations, modifications) and dies (inactive, archive, depreciation). These activities should be governed for who, where, why, which, how and other questions. And also some data can effect other data as well.

Now let’s take a look at some highlights from MDM Institute’s report;
2015-16 MDM road map helps Global 5000 enterprises (and IT vendors selling into this space) utilize these “strategic planning assumptions” to help focus their own road maps on large-scale and mission-critical MDM projects. During the following year, we use these milestones as the focus for our analyst research in that every research report we write either confirms or evolves one or more milestones as its premise:

  1. Ability to Map Reference Data
  2. Administration of Reference Data Types
  3. Management of Reference Data Sets
  4. Architecture/Performance
  5. Hierarchy Management Over Sets of Reference Data —
  6. Connectivity
  7. Import and Export
  8. Versioning Support
  9. Security and Access Control
  10. E2E Lifecycle Management

Evolution of Oracle DRM as a RDM Solution:

  1. Pervasive MDM
  2. Data governance
  3. Business process hubs
  4. Universal MDM
  5. Reference data
  6. Social MDM
  7. Identity resolution
  8. Big data
  9. Business-critical MDM
  10. Budgets/skills

Overview of Oracle DRM as an RDM Solution


  1. Integrated governance & robust RACI-style1 security via collaborative Data Relationship Governance (DRG) module
  2. Robust solution for business user-driven governance, management, stewardship & distribution of enterprise reference data & dimensions
  3. Enterprise-scalable RDM solution (64 bit in memory, thin client) … e.g., AngloAmerican/ DeBeers, BofA, Barclays, Cisco, GE, Gilead, Levi Strauss, NAB, NetApp, Starbucks, TD Bank, Verizon Wireless, Visa, Zions Bank, …
  4. Model-driven ease of deployment, implementation & use (built-in process flows & integration templates)
  5. Support for temporal reference data (robust versioning, rollback & scenario modelling
  6. Strong support for workflows driven by dynamic business rules
  7. Support for complex, multi-level & unbalanced hierarchies
  8. Widespread availability of DRM consultancies (AdvancedEPM, Grant Thornton, The Hackett Group, Huron Consulting, MDM Strategies, ROLTA, Seismi, Serene, …)


  1. Under invested in marketing
  2. Shortage of DRM-knowledagble consultancies
  3. Lacking public Cloud offering – n.b. “Managed Cloud” available via Oracle Managed Cloud Services channel (previously a.k.a.”Oracle On-Demand”)
Source: The MDM Institute
*1 RACI – Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed

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