#LAOTNTour Leg1 : Panama (City Tour)

It was a long flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Panama City, Panama. First 10:35 hours of flight from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to New York JFK Airport. Laying over 3:50 hours, then to Panama City International Airport with 5:12 hours of flight.
I was picked up by courtesy of Panama Oracle Users Group and it was a pleasant journey from the airport to Intercontinental Miramar Hotel. “Anti-Jet-Lag” method worked again. Didn’t sleep before my first flight and slept all flights long, landed at 05:57 am with a fresh, slept. 🙂

I met with Brendan at the Intercontinental Miramar lobby and received the bad news about him that his suitcase is not with him. It seems United Airlines dropped his bag off the baggage claim area in Panama airport, but someone else took it. Sad news in the first day of the tour.

LAOTNTour-Panama-01LAOTNTour-Panama-02We, then, decided to visit close malls to buy something for Brendan and see near places on foot. First stop was Hard Rock Hotel. It was amazing, here are some pictures for our walk-on Panama City tour. (click to enlarge pictures in new window)


Nice tall buildings behind us


In the first sight, Panama has 2 faces. One is the “old Panama”, one or two floored old-style houses, the other side is luxurious, million-dollar worth tall buildings with high security. You can see shambles next to giant buildings and while we were walking we felt a little bit afraid while crossing near the shambles. 🙂

In the afternoon, we (GlennBrendan and I) were taken by Maylin Serrano, a member of Oracle Users Group Panama and she guided a great Panama tour showing us the old Panama City and new Panama City.

We first visited the Panama Canal and the museum of the canal during the construction. It was an amazing moment when we saw how canal gates are opening and see the ships going through Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean. Here are some pictures during this wonderful tour. Special thanks to Maylin with her guidance to us and spending her whole afternoon and evening as well as the local dinner and her local taste suggestions.

Me with the illustration of workers of canal
Me, Glenn, Maylin and Brendan during the museum tour
I am the captain with my ship through the canal
How the canal works (Pacific to Atlantic)
Old Panama City marine
View of new Panama City from the old Panama City
Panoramic view from my hotel room
Panoramic view from the old Panama City marine


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