TROUG at Oracle Day 2013 – Istanbul

As always, it is time for local Oracle Day events worldwide for the people who cannot made to Open World and would like to hear the summarisation of Open World. This year Oracle Day 2013 – Istanbul will be held in Istanbul Congress Center at 14th of November. Event main page and agenda is here. Thanks to Oracle Turkey for letting us present technically in TROUG stream in saloon 8.

It’s not only mine, but also attendees bad luck to have this presentation at the end of the day, but again, as in Open World, I will be speaking at the last session at 4:20 pm at the conference. Everybody would be hungry and I will talk about how to make a pizza… Challenging. 🙂

We, as TROUG, prepared a surprise for you this year, but you need to register and come to the event to see/get this surprise. I made some changes to one of my Open World session (CON4067 – Delicious, EDQ&OGG&ODI on Exadata for perfection) and will present it in Turkish. My co-speaker will be Okcan Yasin Saygili, working at Oracle Turkey and fellow from TROUG management team.


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