My Best #OOW13 Ever

This was the best @OracleOpenWorld that I’ve ever attended. @OracleAceProgram and @OracleTechNet did a great job as always. Presentations, which were held during the ACE Director Product Briefing, was under NDA, and we couldn’t share it as usual. 🙂

We (ACE Directors) all moved to Hilton Union Square on Friday and saw that San Francisco is ready for this great event.

On Saturday, it became annual for us to rent a car and go to a shopping mall far away. Thanks to Husnu for letting us use this car.

I got my badge (again it was long) and rush to Moscone Center for the presentations.

After searching a little bit, I found the ODTUG fellows and chat about the past KScope’13 and future KScope’14. I strongly recommend every developer to be a part of this program.

Then I’ve been to some UGF sessions on 22nd Sept, Sunday are listed below.

Then moved to Annual ACE Dinner hosted by OTN and Oracle ACE Program. It was a great dinner and I enjoyed Walt Disney Museum and talking with fellows a lot.

I woke up early for the hard day. Lots of presentations (including mine with Jerome Francoisse) and video interview with Bob Rhubart (@OTNArchBeat). Sessions I’ve attended on 23rd Sept, Monday are;

  • Accelerating Your Business with Oracle Data Integration Solutions by Brad Adelberg and Irem Radzik
  • Oracle Database 12c for Data Warehousing and Big Data by George Lumpkin
  • Oracle Data Integrator Product Update and Future Strategy by Denis Gray
  • Combining Oracle Products to Gain Insight from Telecommunications Data by Mert Senguner
  • Oracle Data Quality Solutions, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle Data Integrator on Oracle Exadata by Gurcan Orhan and Jerome Francoisse (LOL, this is my session)

I am so happy to hear that ODI 12c is announced, now lots of posts are waiting for me.

 Than I’ve head up to ODTUG’s Happy Hour reception to meet with fellow ODTUGers and have some beer.

Tuesday was softer for me. We first had a breakfast with Alok Pareek and listened about his new startup project, Webaction. Hang around OTN Lounge for the meet-up and have some chat with people. The only session for the 24th Sept Tuesday is;

Wednesday was a light day for me too. I woke up late (08:00 am) and visit the Exhibition Hall to bring some useless stuff for my son and my wife. Blogger’s Meet-Up at the Jillian’s (sponsored by @OracleTechNet and Pythian) was awesome. We signed our white ties and tons of beers & chat.!

Went to annual Customer Appreciation Party, listened to Maroon 5 and “Moved Like a Jagger”. It was so crowded as usual.

Thursday, 26th Sept is the last day of Oracle Open World 2013. And I had the feeling that our session will not be crowded. Everybody had a hard week and rushed from one session to another. But . . .

. . . there was a nice crowd and most of the attendees attended the session by asking questions or giving some comments.

Sessions I attended on the last day of the conference are;

And back to hotel, packed up, down to lobby and reply emails, read tweets and write this blog post in order not suffer jet-lag. I always do not sleep before the plane for the long distance.

For the last words;

Thanks a lot for Oracle ACE Program for picking my Pizza session

Thanks a lot for ODTUG to picking my DEV&TEST&PROD of ODI session

Thanks a lot for the attendees who came to our session.

It was a more than great, fascinating, Oracle Open World. And each year, it is getting better and better.

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