My Session Schedule for OOW13

I have prepared my session schedule for Open World 2013. Unlike last year, I am free almost every night. I haven’t been invited any evening events yet (except ACE Program). This means I am available for any invitations for evening time to have some beers. 🙂

Click to view my OOW13 Session Schedule in PDF or click below picture to enlarge and a table to all the sessions I plan to attend.

My OOW13 Session Schedule

Sunday, 22nd September

8:00-9:00 UGF9810 Big Data Panel Discussion Moscone West – 3003 Alex Gorbachev  
9:15-10:15 UGF9760 Oracle Database 12c Best New Features Moscone West – 3004 Rich Niemiec  
10:30-11:30 UGF10009 Thinking Clearly About Performance Moscone West – 2009 Chet Justice Cary Millsap
11:45-12:45 UGF9722 Data Movement in Enterprise Platforms Moscone West – 3003 George Trujillo  
1:00-2:00 UGF9721 Agile Real-Time BI with Oracle Business Intelligence/Oracle Data Integrator/Oracle GoldenGate Moscone West – 3003 Stewart Bryson  
2:15-3:15 UGF9932 Software Development in the Oracle Ecosystem, Part 1 Moscone West – 2009 Tom Wurzbach Cary Millsap
3:30-4:30 UGF9948 Software Development in the Oracle Ecosystem, Part 2 Moscone West – 2009 Jerry Brenner Cary Millsap
5:00-7:00 KEY11026 Oracle Welcome Keynote Moscone North – Hall D    

Monday, 23rd September

8:00-9:45 KEY11045 Oracle OpenWorld Monday Keynote Moscone North – Hall D    
10:45-11:45 CON9072 Accelerating Your Business with Oracle Data Integration Solutions Moscone West – 2024 Brad Adelberg Irem Radzik
12:15-1:15 CON8710 Oracle Database 12c for Data Warehousing and Big Data Moscone South – 305 George Lumpkin  
1:45-2:45 CON8513 Oracle Data Integrator Product Update and Future Strategy Moscone West – 2024 Denis Gray  
3:15-4:15 CON5928 Combining Oracle Products to Gain Insight from Telecommunications Data Moscone South – 300 Mert Sengüner  
4:45-5:45 CON4067 Oracle Data Quality Solutions, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle Data Integrator on Oracle Exadata Moscone West – 2024 Jérôme Françoisse Gurcan Orhan
6:15-7:00 BOF11057 Oracle’s Big Data Solutions: NoSQL, Connectors, R, and Appliance Technologies Marriott Marquis – Foothill G David Segleau Melliyal Annamalai Marcos Arancibia Coddou
7:15-8:00 BOF11058 What’s New in Location Analytics: HTML5, Mobile, and Spatial in Oracle Database 12c Marriott Marquis – Foothill G Joao Paiva Siva Ravada Jayant Sharma

Tuesday, 24th September

8:00-10:00 KEY11046 Oracle OpenWorld Tuesday Morning Keynote Moscone North – Hall D    
10:30-11:30 CON8426 The Five Best Things to Happen to SQL Moscone South – 103 Thomas Kyte  
12:00-1:00 CON1759 The Least-Known Features of Oracle Database, Part 2 Moscone South – 200 Julian Dontcheff  
1:30-3:15 KEY11049 Oracle OpenWorld Tuesday Afternoon Keynote Moscone North – Hall D    
3:45-4:45 CON6189 Maximize Data Warehouse Performance with Parallel Queries Moscone South – 236 Christo Kutrovsky  
5:15-6:15 CON8516 Extracting Strategic Insights from Business Data with Oracle Data Integrator Moscone West – 2012 Christophe Dupupet Jayant Mahto

Wednesday, 25th September

8:00-9:45 KEY11047 Oracle OpenWorld Wednesday Keynote Moscone North – Hall D      
10:15-11:15 CON9326 Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite: Overview and Roadmap Moscone South – 303 Jack Berkowitz    
11:45-12:45 CON8993 Master Data Management Best Practices, Data Quality, Data Governance, and ROI Moscone West – 3002 Carlos Merida Kelly Mosher Ram Nakappan William Szilasi Narayanarao Machiraju Venkata
1:15-2:15 CON8146 What’s New with Oracle Data Pump in Oracle Database 12c? Moscone South – 307 Dean Gagne    
2:30-2:50 THT10992 Maximize Business Impact with Oracle Advanced Analytics Moscone South Exhibition Hall – Room 106 Satya Bhamidipati Marcos Arancibia Coddou  
3:30-4:30 CON8770 Programming with Oracle Big Data Connectors Marriott Marquis – Salon 7 Robert Abbott Melliyal Annamalai  

Thursday, 26th September

8:45-10:30 KEY11048 Oracle OpenWorld Thursday Keynote Moscone North – Hall D    
11:00-12:00 CON7457 SQL Tuning 101 Moscone South – 102 Connor McDonald  
12:30-1:30 CON4270 Oracle Database 12 c Best Tuning Features Moscone South – 305 Rich Niemiec  
2:00-3:00 CON4070 How to Handle DEV&TEST&PROD for Oracle Data Integrator Moscone West – 2012 Jérôme Françoisse Gurcan Orhan
3:30-4:30 CON3054 Become a Golden DBA for the Oracle GoldenGate Environment Moscone West – 2012 Shervin Sheidaei  



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