OOW 2012 – Fourth (last) Day

This is the last day of Oracle Open World 2012. I wake up early and had a breakfast, then move to Moscone South to visit Exhibition Hall and have a chat with ODI peers, but what! All the Exhibition Hall enterances was closed on Thursday. San Francisco was getting empty. Everywhere prepared for Oracle Open World is packing up one by one. But, no, this should not finish.

I have gone to Moscone West to attend Denis Gray and Julien Testut’s session, Next-Generation Data Integration on Oracle Exadata. Since it was announced that Turkcell is buying an Exadata for Network Operations Division, which will be used for my precious NODI project, I need to listen this session with complete concentration. I have learnt many things that we need to apply in order Exadata run faster for NODI ETL jobs.

CON8652 New Features for Datawarehousing

Then I’ve moved to Marriott Marquis to listen Alex Kotopoulis and Christophe Dupupet, to listen their session Accelerate Oracle Data Integrator with Advanced Features, SOA, Groovy, SDK, and XML. What a tough subject for ODI Developers. Again put lots of information in my basket and went to W Hotel for the Datawarehouse Global Leaders Annual Worldwide Meeting. Although this is my 3rd time in Oracle Open World, because of junction with ODI Customer Advisory Board and DW Global Leaders Meeting, I always picked ODI CAB instead of Reiner Zimmerman’s Global Leaders Meeting. Sorry Reiner, but this time you are the one. 🙂
First, we had some talk with peers and go inside for listening presentations. They were amazing with the numbers they interpreted. Mert received the Datawarehouse Global Leader of the Year 2012 which head of DWH DBA’s (including NODI) Ferhat Şengönül won. Congratulations Ferhat , well deserved award.

DataWarehouse Leader of the Year Award

Since meeting last longer than I’ve expected, I have moved to Tres Restaurant for the Oracle Integration Team Informal Buffet Supper. I talked and had a stand meetings with Product Managers, Business Development Managers, Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents of Oracle Data Integrator and Golden Gate. I found my real guy to talk about needs and expectations of Oracle Golden Gate. <Joseph Debuzna>. He answered all my questions without hesitation and sent many regards to everybody dealing with Data Integration especially Tonguç Yılmaz. He had come to Turkey many times for PoC of Turkcell Golden Gate project. We talked about our families, what we are doing currently and future plans.

It was amazing to see lots of DI guys of Oracle together. Thanks a lot, appreciated.

This is the last word for Oracle Open World 2012 .


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