OOW 2012 ACED Briefing Day2

Woke up early at 07:00, packup up my stuff and joined the second day of ACED Product Briefing. Today is tough because I need to be 3 places at the same time. ACED Product Briefing, EBS Breakout sessions and Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Advisory Council.

I first attended the morning sessions of ACED Product Briefing. In the breaks I had a small video with OTN guy (Todd) which will be shown in OTN Lounge. If I have the chance to find the video on YouTube, I’ll update this post. Then I’ve walked to Oracle HQ Conference Center to attend Fusion Middleware Partner Advisory Council.

Product Management Team for the morning session of ACED Product Briefing;
Mike Lehmann : Cloud Application Foundation
Demed L’Her  : SOA Business Events & Integration
Irem Radzik : Oracle Golden Gate (after 3 years and many mailings, I’ll meet Irem personally for the first time)
Dom Lindars : Database Tools Update

ACEDs Working     Me&Kent

Fusion Middleware Partner Advisory Council (Business Intelligence);
Vasu Murthy : BI with Exalytics

Me with SXX

After all the briefings and councils, it is time for beer and heading to Hilton Union Square.



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