Oracle Open World Session Info

My session details in Oracle Open World 2011. I especially want to invite folks who missed my session last year.

Session ID : 19441
Session Title : Case Study: Turkcell Maximizes Integration Results with Oracle Data Integration
Speakers : Gürcan Orhan – Turkcell Technology Ar.Ge. A.S. – Software Architect and Senior Developer
Sanem Seren Sever – Turkcell Teknoloji – Senior Datamining Development Engineer
Milomir Vojvodic – Oracle
Venue / Room : Intercontinental – Sutter
Date and Time : 03.10.2011 12:30 pm.

Turkcell, the third-largest mobile operator in Europe and Turkey’s largest, turned to Oracle data integration solutions to handle multiple challenges in its data stores. These challenges include moving massive amounts of call records, dealing with poor maintenance due to ETL architecture, and managing large operations data stores of over 5 TB. This presentation describes how Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle Exadata played a critical role through complete heterogeneous and integrated solutions to help solve its data integration and management issues.

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