UKOUG Impressions

After a trouble journey to London – it seems all my international flights will have a problem, still 100% in statistics – me and my colleague Fuat reached to our hotel in Birmingham at 23:30 on Saturday 27th of November, 2010. As for sure, first thing to do should be investigating the first time visited city.

We’ve visited BullRing, High Street, New Street and other important streets and have done some shopping as well. It was very cold even pools or rivers are on ice. 🙂
We’ve investigated the route from our hotel to International Convention Centre (ICC).
It was 29th of November and conference was started. When we reached to ICC, there was a long line for the visitors. I’ve checked the exhibition hall as well.

 My session was on the first day of the conference. I was lucky to feel relaxed in the first day of conference and feel much more comfortable after the session. I’ve looked up my session room and took a look of the hall. It was quite big since one of the key-notes were made in the same room.

 Everything was ready for the session. Except one thing. UK adapter.!

 I’ve left my UK adapter plug at the hotel and there were none in technicians. 😦

 I need to run on batteries and hoped that the battery will survive untill the end of session.

 I was not so nervous comparing with the session that I’ve participated in Oracle Open World 2010.

 Everything was quite good including my presentation skills as well. Seems I begin liking doing presentations although I’m a technical guy.



 It was snowing outside after my session.

 And the lake in the back door of ICC was frozen.

 I liked the projection of colored lights on ice.


Here are the sessions that I’ve joined;

  • Keynote : What’s new in Oracle Database Application  Development by Thomas Kyte from Oracle.
  • Data Visualization Best Practices by Veronica Jerling from SolStonePlus (I’ve learned what can be done with OBI 11g)
  • Starting an Agile Oracle BI Project on Budget by Joe Lava from V1.0 Systems
  • Metadata Driven Data Warehousing by Will O’Shea from NHS
  • The Optimizer-what you can expect after upgrading to Oracle Database 10g by Maria Colgan from Oracle
  • Processing Turkcell GSM Network Data with Oracle CEP by Fuat Sungur from Turkcell Technology
  • Best Practices for workload management on an Oracle Data Warehouse by Maria Colgan from Oracle
  • Roundtable : Oracle and Informatica:A Lively debate with two Companies iğn “Co-Opetition” by Kulvinder Hari from Oracle, Jeff Pollock from Oracle and David Lyle from Informatica
  • Optimized Analytical Processing Capabilities with 11g Release 2 by Husnu Sensoy from Global Maksimım Data & Information Technologies
  • The Business and the Architect by Tania Le Voi from DSP Managed Services
  • Masterclass : Oracle’s Next Generation Implementation Approach – the Oracle Unified Method by Tom Spitz from Oracle
  • Roundtable:Application Server & Middleware by Simon Haslam from Veriton
  • I saw some of my friends as well, this was a good opportunity to meet with them again and talked about our plans and other stuff.

    1. Mr. Tom Kyte : Incredible presentation skills. He really knows how to present anything. His knowledge charmed me again and again.
    2. Mr. Jeff Pollock : We’ve met with Jeff in the ODI Customer Advisory Board in Oracle Open World 2010. I’ve joined his session comparison about ODI and Informatica. Surely I’ve asked a question that Jeff can answer better than Informatica guy, since I’m fan of ODI instead of Informatica. 🙂
    3. Mr. Kulvinder Hari : This is the first time that we’ve met with Kulvahinder. I think we’ll meet more, since he’s responsible of DI tools of all over EMEA region.
    4. Mr. Massimo Sposaro and Mr. Alberto Fazio (picture on right) : OWB 2 ODI converter. We’ve first met in Oracle Open World 2010, but this time we’ve shared a lot. Since OWB is in its final release, it should be nice to migrate from OWB to ODI.
    5. Mr. Tanel Poder : I’ve got 2 sessions of training from Tanel but unfortunately due to my busy schedule, I couldn’t join his session. Sorry for not participating to your session Tanel.
    6. Mr. Husnu Sensoy : He’s the great mad man. He is mad of performance. If you need to run as fast as hardware can, he can do it.!
    7. Mr. Mark Rittman : I’ve got a 2-day masterclass training from Mark. He has a deep knowledge and he knows how to give his knowledge to you. Wish I could have much time to spend with Mark.


    It was a great 3 days to spend in Birmingham despite of the weather conditions.

    I’d like to thank everybody who voted for me, supported me and surely come to my session. And the biggest thanks to Mr. Tonguc Yilmaz for reminding me to send an abstract to this wonderful conference and his valuable support.


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