Oracle Open World 2010 Impressions

Everything started on April 2010 when I need to prepare an abstract for Open World 2010. I immadiately prepared for a abstract and sent it to relevants at a rainy night. Here is how my abstract was.

Abstract Title
Benefiting of Oracle Data Integrator in a heterogeneous environment – A challenging scenario in Telco Industry.

Turkcell is a telecommunication operator which is the leader of Turkey and third in Europe. Main scope of the solution is to acquire raw data and increase/create meaning to various operational applications within Network Operations Division in Turkcell. There are lots of different operational systems of different vendors, databases, operating systems to maintain, analyse, record and track network infrastructure of Turkcell.

The solution is a datawarehouse approach to combine and merge Network Operations applications to make different kinds of trend analysis, creating data patterns and historical correlations.

Oracle Data Integrator is used as an ETL/ELT tool to bring all these different kind of data into datawarehouse. Datawarehouse is stored in Oracle 11g Release 2 database. Sybase Power Designer is used as a modeling tool for the complete datawarehouse (Operational Data Store, Datawarehouse, Datamarts).

Source systems of the solution are in a variety that are stored in Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Sybase ASE 15.03, Sybase IQ 12.7, different types of files.

Datamarts, which are generated from datawarehouse according to suitable grouping, are implemented to ad-hoc querying. Datamining functionality is added through historical and current data. In this session hear how Turkcell uses Oracle Data Integrator to merge several kind of sources into a Data Warehouse, transforming data into business value information.

It was 20 May 2010 when I received a mail with a subject of “Oracle Open World 2010 Speaker Invivation” and make me excited at far night. As a tradition I need to reply the invitation. We decided to divide the session into two parts and my colleague, Fatih, would be with me to share the same excitement. Forms are filled through web, invitation letters obtained, received the brand-new passports, interview for visa, bought the plane tickets, booked for the hotels and at last time to fly away.

Room 3020 in Moscone West Level 3 was waiting for us for our session with subject “Turkcell Transforms Its Business with Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Exadata” at 22 September 2010 between 16:45 and 17:45. We decided to fly to New York then to San Francisco and same return with a day to visit in New York.

Before I go nearly all my agenda was full because of “closed session” invitations. But lots of bloggers put our session to their session list. Thanks them a lot.!

It was 17 September 2010 at 11:00 am. Waiting at the counter at Ataturk Airport. Plane delayed for 2 hours because of late arrival from JFK.

Finally we get on the plane and sit on our seats. After a long day flight we landed safely on New York JFK Airport at 17:00. It was 19:00 when we controlled passports and received our luggages. But what.!? New York – San Francisco flight was at 17:15. We immediately go to United Airlines counter to ask what to be done. We thought we would pay for penalty but thanks to officer that he gave us our tickets to next flight at 06:00 am. He said that “you already gave the money to go to San Francisco, why to pay penalty? It is my duty to help you reach to San Francisco.”. It was a shock to me. You need to pay to most of the airlines companies in this kind of situation because our ticket is not related.

We thought a little bit what had to be done. And finally we decided to go to a terminal and relax until the plane time. Terminal 4 in JFK Airport is pretty fine. It is either international or you can relax in any bank. I’ve visited almost every duty-free shop. Memorize the cost of planned buyings. 🙂

Then we get on our plane and fly to San Francisco. Reached the hotel Market Street, found our reservation and at last closer to Open World. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

In order not to suffer from jetlag, me and Fatih immediately go out for a walk. After a 9 hour walk, we managed to visit most important places such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Union Square, Washington Square, Coit Tower, etc. I still believe that walking is the best way to explore a city.

It was 18 September when we got up early and gone to Moscone West to register. But what, oh my God.! It was so crowded. I thought queue would take much more than 8 hours to register but after asking to the staff about the registration of speakers, we get our badges jusin in seconds without a queue in exhibitors desk. Being special should be this kind of a thing. Big city – San Francisco – is prepared for Open World 2010. Some streets are closed to traffic, cops were nearly every corner near Moscone, stickers are put on ground describing where to go and so on.

My first meeting, was informal come together with Global Leaders. I’ve found Ugo, watched Larry Ellison’s keynote a little bit, then move to Beach Chalet for home-made beer. Ocean was fascinating and so the long and wide beach as well. Met with the other guys (thank you Reiner for your hospitality), then we go to eat at Indian Restaurant. Worked a little bit at night about tomorrows plan.

Woke up early 19 September Monday. Walked to the Marriot Marquis Hotel for labs. First Oracle Warehouse Builder, then Oracle Data Integrator. Examined the new versions, checked out what is new and what is hot. OWB is getting close to ODI. Knowledge Modules are into OWB’s life. But ODI is still much more powerful than OWB. Sorry guys. 🙂

Afternoon was quite fun. I’ve gone to Demogrounds below the Moscone South, met with Ugo, Sandro and Sandrine in Data Quality desk. It was a interesting feeling to see somebody first that you are mailing a lot. Especially Sandrine. I’ve written more than 5-6 time a day with Sandrine, didn’t see her face, don’t know what she look like, whatever. First time I saw her badge was a little confusing. We all talked about Oracle Data Integrator, Data Quality and other related applications. I’ve informed them about our usage of ODI. Then we go to a silent room with Ugo and Sandro and talked about our session. In the afternoon I visited almost every pavillion in Exhibition Halls of Moscone South and West to see what is new in sector, who developed what, who does what. For sure I’ve collected many promotion stuff.

20 September Tuesday. One day left for session. I thought I’d sleep more but because of the excitement and adrenaline, I cannot sleep well or in other words my body doesn’t accept more sleep. Ugo and I met again in the Demogrounds and finalize our presentation. It was 12:30 for my colleague Deniz’s session. I’ve joined his session. It was so fantastic. Thank you Deniz for sharing your experiences. Then moved to Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting of Oracle Golden Gate and Oracle Data Integrator. I’ve explained how we use ODI in Turkcell and Turkcell Technology and gave some clues to the ODI guys about our presentation. It was really fantastic to meet ODI staff and share what we expect in ODI in the next releases, what are the problems we face. I’m glad that they took some notes of our needs. To me CAB was very very useful in order to improve product. Thanks to Sandrine for setting up everything.

22 September Wednesday. Here we come the big day. Didn’t sleep well, cause there were some problems in Turkey of ODI development. I’m so nervous. In the other hand I’m coughing, sneezing, don’t feel well at all. I’ve joined some sessions about data integration in the morning. Gone to hotel to get my session clothes on, then move to Moscone North for the key-note of Larry Ellison. Larry is a wonderful speaker. It was more excitement to present 30 minutes after Larry. I’ve listened to him a little bit then move to Moscone West for my session. Checked my mails and replied for only who wish me luck before session. Checked laptop, wireless presentator and other technical stuff. It was 16:30 and our sessions heading S317367 was finally written on the LCD panel in front of the door of 3020.


Ugo started the session. He first introduce me and Fatih and project NODI. It was more than 30 people in the session. It was quite a good number computing with Larry.

I’ve started with Turkcell Technology’s structure, then to introduction to NODI, what we gained with NODI, Best Practices in NODI (you can check my presentation in my previous post). And over. I’ve drunk 2 bottles of water after I sit. Fatih continued the session with BIS datamining and Exadata migration. We asked for Q&A and technician came to behind of the platform asking us to repeat the session again. Because Larry’s speech was more than planned, our session has a postpone to 17:00. And he said more than 30-40 people was waiting out the door. Ugo told the technician that we cannot repeat the session and we apologized the technician about the crowd. I wish Larry cut the long story short and people were in the session in order to listen audio log file and download presentation.

We walked in the room and thanks for everybody joining us. There were about 10 colleagues of ours from Turkcell and Turkcell Technology. 5 or more people whom I don’t know. And big thanks to ODI guys who joined our session from either EMEA or Oracle headquarters. Who I remember was Jyotin P. Gautam (Senior Director of Development – Data Integration), Alex Kotopoulis (Product Manager – Oracle Data Service Integrator), François Xavier Nicolas (Principal Product Manager – Data Integrator), Tony J. Velcich (Director of Product Management – Communications Global Business Unit), Sandro Toma (EMEA Business Development Director Data Integration), Sandrine Riley (Product Management Oracle Data Integration Solutions), Margaret Lee (Senior Director, Product Management). Sorry for the forgotten ones.

Afterwards, I’ve gone to hotel to change my clothes and gone to Customer Appreciation Party. It was a marvellous party with about 30.000 people. Berlin and Black Eyed Peas performed well.

22 September Thursday. Last day of Open World. Gone to W. Hotel for my last meeting. Thanks to Reiner and Laura for invitation. It was a nice experience that in my left hand side Yahoo’s DWH manager was sitting, on my right side was Bank Of America’s DWH Developer sitting. We shared some of our experiences with everybody in the meeting. 4 presentations are made including Turkcell’s Exadata Migration. Business Cards exchanged, meeting was over.

And final. 22:34 was our plane back to New York JFK airport.

If you still reading this, thank you for your patience, paying attention to me and sharing my Open World 2010 experience.


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